SANS Holiday Hack Challenge writeups

Writeup: A Gnome in your Home (2015) Writeup:  Santa’s Business Card (2016) Writeup: Wintered: The untold story of the Elves of the North Pole (2017). This writeup received an Honorable Mention from the SANS-team. Writeup: KringleCon, the first-ever cyber security conference hosted by Santa and his elves (2018). This writeup received a Super Honorable Mention […]

#Crimediggers bonus-challenges

De #Crimediggers Experience bevat 9 steganografie-challenges voor extra bonus-punten. De Radio-commerical Het startpunt voor deze challenges is de radio-commercial, welke te downloaden is dmv het icoontje linksboven in de homepage. Challenge #1 Als we de mp3-file met strings bekijken valt gelijk een linkje naar pastebin.com op: [shell highlight=”10″]$ strings radio.mp3 | grep pastebin http://pastebin.com/SL3gH6v5[/shell] Deze […]

31c3 CTF – Rick write-up

This is my write-up for the Rick-challenge in the 31c3 CTF. A little warning for those playing along: visiting the starting URL with JavaScript enabled will get you Rick-rolled ;-) The information to get started the challenge with the challenge was: [code]Seems like somebody got pwned[/code]

31c3 CTF – 5CHAN Write-up

This is my write-up for one of the easier challenges in the 31c3 CTF: 5CHAN. The information to get started the challenge with the challenge was: [code] 5CHAN? never heard of this image board, but they have exactly what we need, the picture we’re looking for is not for public, so can you get it? […]