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3D Remedy:
[Dance Like David] [How Many Times] [Insecurities] [Jeremiah 2000 : Weeping Prophets] [Lifetime] [Make It Through] [More Than A Conqueror] [Run Baby Run V.2] [The Right Life] [What Am I To Do] [You Were There]

4th Ave. Jones:
[What You Want]

4th Avenue Jones:
[Caesar] [Chasin' a Dream] [Concentration] [Dangerous] [Do Re Mi] [Don't Talk] [HipRockSoul] [Monumental] [Mr. Yayo] [Ro's] [Suga Daddy] [Take Me Away] [U Rockin'] [U Rockin'] [Why]

Acts 29:
[Come On]

[A Girl Named World] [A Girl Named World] [Amba-ss-ador] [Apologetics] [Back Home] [Body Talks] [Crown Him] [Cypha International] [Get You Open] [Hands In The Air] [He's Glorious] [Hold Your Ground] [Honor & Glory] [I Love You Jesus] [It Feels Good] [It Was Love] [It Was Love] [Loophole] [My Clothes, My Hair] [Oh Wretched Man] [One Two] [Products] [Psalm 23] [Selah] [Song For You] [The Elementz] [The Fall] [Thesis Pieces] [Thug Joint] [We Worship You] [What a Relief] [Whirlwind]

[Antitoxin] [Apollo 12] [Electric Boogie] [King of kings]

[Deception] [Deception]

Audio Adrenaline:
[A.K.A. Public School] [Audio World] [Bag Lady] [Big House] [Can't take God away] [DC-10] [Don't Censor Me] [Free Ride] [Gloryland] [Good People] [Happy and you know it] [Houseplant Song] [I hear Jesus calling (demo)] [I'm not the king] [Intro] [J.E.S.U.S. is right] [Jazz Odyssey] [Jesus and the California kid] [Let Love] [Life] [Man of God] [Memoir] [Mighty Good Leader] [My God] [My scum sweetheart] [My world view] [Never gonna be as big as Jesus] [One step hyper] [PDA] [Rest easy] [Revolution] [Secret] [See through] [Soulmate] [The most excelent way] [Walk on water] [We're a band] [What you need] [Who do you love]

[Demon Huntaz]

[I Shall feat. E-Licia]

Bar Wars Project:
[A Track For The Clones] [A True Hope] [Empire Takes Back]

Believen Stephen:
[Why Boast]

Believin Stephen:

Bigwon Ft. ShaRoyce, BigRed:
[Another Shot Down]

BK & Associates:
[All Around the World] [Babylon Suburbia] [Blue Room] [Frisky] [Melodic Parabolic] [Not That Serious] [Rhythm To The Rhyme] [That's All] [Theme Music] [What I Love] [What's Real] [Where I Was]

Black Soil Project:
[New World Order] [On and On]

[Behold a Pale Horse] [Bodya] [God Sound] [Hot Water in the Wilderness] [M.C.] [Mark of the Beast] [Mark of the Beast II] [Muzic Appreciation (Sweet Music)] [Photographic Memory] [Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress] [Say Word] [Sodom & Gomorrah] [Strange] [The Beginning of the End] [The Lunchroom Table] [Whistles in the Wind] [Whoever You Ar (Wherever You Ar)]

[10 Years] [All the Way Live] [Alternate Ending] [Antenna] [Bare Knuckle] [Beautiful Humanity] [Blessed Man] [Box of Rhymes] [Calculated Risk feat. Mr j medeiros & Manchild] [Club Soda] [Constantly Growing feat. Speech] [Counter Attack Feat. Theory Hazit] [Dancing Insects] [Dedication] [Double Dose] [Everything Changed] [From the Dust] [Get It Right] [Goliath] [Guilty by Association] [He and She] [Hideaway] [Hiphop Music] [Humility] [Im Gone] [It Wonít Last] [Keep On] [Leave Behind] [Let Go] [Life Cipher] [Main Squeeze] [Many Stories] [Mental Guards] [Microphone Rush] [Nobody] [Permanent Smile] [Poetry in Motion part three] [Poetry In Motion part two] [Pressure] [Raise The Dead fea. Poems] [Relevant] [Remember Your Path ] [Restless] [Right This Moment] [Scatter Brain] [Shades of Grey] [Shine] [Slow to Anger] [Soul Rock] [Statements part two] [Submission Hold] [Survival Movement] [That Feeling] [The Find] [The IV] [Tip the Scale] [Tongue Tied]

Braille, Sivion, & Kaboose:
[Heavy Rotation]

[Out Tha Darkness] [You]

Busy R.:
[Bless The LORD my soul] [Liefdes-collab (R'z part)] [Tha Mission] [Trapped]

[Ain't Nothin Change] [All in a Day] [Dungeons of Darkness] [Eternity] [It's Goin Down] [Spiritual Warfare]

caly ll:
[the destruction zone]

Christ Centric:
[Amazing Grace] [Apostasy] [City of God] [Cliches] [Didactic Music] [Gethsemane] [Holiness of God] [Kick the Truth] [No Excuse] [Oracles of Christ] [Powerful Parables] [Pros and Cons] [Psalm 8] [Resurrection] [Salvation] [Shout 4 Joy] [Sovereignty] [Sufficiency of Scripture] [Surrender] [The Answer] [The Creed of Nicea] [The Day of the Lord] [The Elder Brother] [The Fight] [The Mind of Christ] [The Narrow Way] [What No Follower Deserves] [What's it Worth]

Class of Methods:
[Wie zal ik zenden (Fragment)]

[Ain't no party] [CMC's meet Oggs] [Everyday Death Sentence] [It's all in a day] [S.O.W.]

Cross Movement:
[All day] [Backup] [Blood Spilla] [C to the R] [Came Down] [Civilian Affairs] [Closer To You] [Creature Double Feature] [Cry No More] [Cypha Time] [Cypha Time] [Cypha: The Next Day] [Driven] [Dust] [El Elyon] [Eyes off Me] [Father Forgive Them] [Forever] [Free] [Heaven's Mentality] [Hold it down] [Holy Culture] [House of Representatives] [Human Superstarz] [I am that I am] [In Not Of] [Introducing] [It's Going Down] [It's Going Down] [Just For You] [Know me (huh, what?)] [L.L.R.P.] [Live Agua] [Live It] [Lord you are] [Lord?] [Love Does] [Love Life] [Lower Case Gods] [Maze of the Madness] [Now Who's Da Man] [Off da Hook] [On right now] [On the move] [Playa Hater #1] [Remember] [Rise Up] [Shock] [Solo Cristo] [Spare Rituals] [Start Something] [Test It] [The Light] [The Rescue] [The Way] [Think on these Things] [Times Table] [To my peoples] [What do you see?] [When I Flow] [Who's Da Man] [Wisemen] [Word Up]


DC Talk:
[Alas, My Love] [Between You and Me] [Colored People] [Consume Me] [Day by day] [Hardway (Remix)] [Help] [I Don't Want It] [I Wish We'd All Been Ready] [In the light] [It's The End Of The World As We Know It] [Jesus Freak] [Jesus Is Just] [Just between you and me] [Lean on Me] [Like it, love it, need it] [Luv Is A Verb] [Mind's eye] [My Will] [Say The Words (Now)] [So help me God] [Socially Acceptable] [Supernatural] [That Kinda Girl] [Time Is] [Walls] [What have we become] [What if I stumble?] [Word to the Father]

[Elementary] [F-Words] [If Tomorrow Starts Without Me] [If Tomorrow Starts Without Me] [Joywriting] [Murder Creek] [Stick This In Your Ear] [Take The Rhythm] [The Night We Called It a Day] [The Night We Called It A Day] [Thinking by Numbers] [This Curse I Bear] [Universal] [Winter In Manhattan] [World Go Round] [Ziontific]


Devine Judgementality:
[untitled] [Feelings for No one Freestyle] [Hell naw] [The Rummage]

DJ D-Struction a.k.a. Crazy D:
[Pure Liefde]

DJ Guardian:
[Criminals] [Take It Back]

Dynamic Twins:
[Mission] [Reap what you sow] [The blood cries]

[All Day] [Chill] [Get Mines] [Get Mines] [Love Music] [Rockin It]

Eas C:
[Always on tha run (fragment)]

[Brothers Keeper] [Celia (queen of the senseless world] [New South (the gotee idyll)] [Poetry, prose, & other sundry items] [Sweet Tea] [Wages of sin] [Yoknapatawpha (a mental mississippi)]

[Bankruptcy DEPT] [Elation Foundation] [H.R. Department] [Hilltop Housing] [Rejoice] [Savings and Moans] [Shalom Factory] [Soul Beneficiary Division]

Every Day Life:
[Bystander] [Cry of the lame] [Dis] [E-Colli] [Look] [Love Lie] [One's own self] [Perseverance] [Residence] [Whitey on the moon]

Everyday Process:
[All I Need] [Amazed] [As Real as it Gets] [Bangin'] [Build Up] [Everyday All Day Cypha] [Give 'em The Gospel] [Grace] [Hey Girl] [Holla At Me] [Intro (Straight to the Point)] [Live It Up] [Resist the System] [Shine Bright] [The World Needs Jesus]

[Break Bread] [Context] [Cross Movement] [Give Us The Truth] [Give Us The Truth Part 2] [God Man] [Goodness to Repentance] [Gotta Notice] [How Long] [Ladies] [Let's Go] [Like Christ] [Limelight] [Money] [My City] [News Flash] [No Silence] [Open My Heart] [Racial Diversity] [Real One] [Rewind] [Righteous] [So Sweet] [Sola Scriptura] [The GodHead] [To My Heart] [To My Heart] [True God] [Truth Travels] [Uh-Oh] [Videos] [Wars of the Mind] [Way Out] [We Need You] [We Preach Christ] [Welcome]

Flame feat. Dawn Dia:
[So Sweet] [So Sweet]

[Identiteitsstrijd] [Sleutelfiguur] [Worshipflow]

Freddie Bruno:
[Coat of Arms] [Comp USA] [Earl Grey] [Freddie B-R-U-Know] [Hall Minor] [Last Dance] [Miss Bonita] [Not for Profit] [Null & Void] [Occupational Therapy] [Pro Audio] [Rock the Beat] [The Melodic Parabolic] [The Monitor] [The Next Level] [Updated & Still Hated]

[Why BusyR?]

[Desperation (Fragment)] [G/Force Anthem (Fragment)] [Sleep Well Babychild (Fragment)] [Symphony In G (Fragment)] [We Gotta Go On (Fragment)]

Gim, Tha:
[Blood Diamond]

[A lot to say] [Aint nothing promised about tomorrow] [Beat Beat Beat] [Belmont and Clark] [Catch as Catch Can] [Early morning silence] [Elbow Room] [Fighting Ends] [Glupies] [Haunt] [Holding the horizon hostage] [Home town anthem] [It's ok] [John Kimball] [Jump in Lilly] [Lullaby for the Sun] [Making a mess] [Mixing Excusess] [Never really know] [No Helping] [Restless] [Seconds Away] [Sober Window Story] [Sock Drawer Blues] [Steal the crown] [Still eyes] [Stride] [Vessel] [We need AIM] [Winners Never Sleep]

Gospel Gangstas:
[Backslider] [Demon Killa] [Do or Die] [Ghetto Sermon] [Gospel Gangsta thang] [I call your name] [I Can See Clearly Now] [Live it Up] [Maybe If] [Mobbin'] [O double Gs go on] [Once Was Blind] [One Way] [Operation Liquidation] [Questions] [They Don't Believe That I'm Saved] [Truth and Funk] [Truth and Funk] [West Coast Rock] [Why can't the homiez hear me]

[10-A-Cee] [Ain't Sayin Nothin] [Alcoholic Plagiarism] [Blacks And Whites] [Blame It On You] [Cataclysmic circles] [Commin Home] [Everybody wants on] [Forgive me] [Fragmentation] [Get The Picture] [Gettin' ready] [Ghetto Love] [Gospel Rap/Parables] [Hopes & Dreams] [Jazz] [Kickin' mo rhymes] [Life After Mental] [Millenium] [Mirage] [On My Own] [People Noticin Me] [Screen door] [Set Ya Mind] [Soundcheck] [Stop Bitin'] [Temptations] [They All Fall Down] [Time is Passing] [Universal & worldwide] [US Open] [Weigh A Buck 50] [What Be Goin Down] [Why] [Why battle me]

Heilig IJs:
[Connecties] [De waarsprekers I] [Eye cry] [Fatfood upon yo' plate] [Hoezo Aso ?!] [Lach maar] [Liar Lawyer] [Maak het verschil (pre-release versie)] [Side by side] [Sporen zonder grenzen] [Straten vol woede] [The heart of the matter] [The mad scientists] [Vloeibaar]

Hendrik D. Meyer:
[Save Souls]

Holy Eyes:
[Creatitis] [De dag dat Nederland stil was en nadacht] [Episode Een] [God's Child] [Hell is surrender] [Sativa on the mic] [Sterrewijzen] [Urban Bushidou] [Werkdruk]

Holy Roly:
[Straight from the Spirit] [The Contra-self conspirators]

Ill Harmonics:
[Backside of the sun] [Bowtie Jerks] [Cats like these] [Cuba Gooding] [Destiny] [Gypsy Kind] [High Fidelity (Rock On)] [Mr. Chris T Ian] [Profound Sound] [San Jose] [Take Two] [The crowd is standing] [What we do]

Imagine & Suplanta:
[Imagine] [Matrix]

[All About Him] [Can you praise Him] [Christ Life] [Do You Believe] [Double Edge Sword] [Give it to Them] [God get the Glory] [God's Righteous Cause] [I'll Go] [Run] [Think About it] [Who I Represent]

[BoemTheorie] [De liefde van Jezus] [De Roep van Genade] [De Schepping] [De Zondeval] [Gebed Ė Outro] [Het Uur van de Waarheid] [Hou je hoofd omhoog] [Intro] [Liefdesliedje] [Stap in het Licht] [Vergeef Ons]

John Reuben:
[Do Not]

[Chronicles] [Cin-city] [Nonfiction] [Our Time] [Out of the Box] [Preamble] [Spoken] [Worthy]

[Chop Suey] [Fire] [For as many] [Giant Slayer] [Party with me] [Shakedown] [Soldiers] [Sprinkles of joy] [Stand Up] [Standup (remix)] [Supernatural] [Thank you] [Wanna Be]

[#1 Fan] [1, 2, 3] [47 Emcees (Interlude)] [47 Pop Stars] [5th Element] [ABC's and 1, 2, 3's] [Are You Real?] [Back in the Day] [Cartoon Network] [Check Yourself] [Cry No More] [Dear Slim] [Dear Slim Pt. 2] [Do That] [Don't Go] [Fivetweezy] [For The Ladies] [God (feat. Rebecca St. James)] [He Is All] [I Am] [I Can Call On You (feat. Donnie Lewis)] [I Feel So Good] [I'm Guilty] [Industry] [Integrity] [Jesus] [KJ Five Two] [Life After Death] [Never Look Away] [Nursery Rhymes] [One] [Operator (Outro)] [Outro / Gimme Dat] [Pick Yourself Up] [Plain White Rapper] [Revenge of the Nerds] [Right Here (feat. Jeremy Camp)] [Rise Up] [Rock On] [Rock With It] [So in Love With You] [Sonshine] [Thank You] [The Choice Is Yours] [The Hardway] [Things I Like] [Video Games] [Wait for You] [We Rock the Mic] [Where Were You] [Whoop Whoop] [Why]

[Action figure] [God is BIG] [How Excellent] [Pullon empty] [Strange Dames] [Whatever Brings the sheep] [Whatever Brings the sheep]

[Ain't Ready] [G. Simone Speaks] [Good Bye] [Know Thy Self] [Lord Live Within My Heart] [Never Give Up] [South Bronx 2002] [Take it to God] [Take Your Tyme] [Tears] [The Conscious Rapper] [Trust]

L. G. Wise:
[Burn Baby Burn] [Da Weight Is Over] [Dats Why We Die] [End Results] [Get Ready] [Ghetto Victory] [Hell Yeah] [Hey Young World] [Hip-Hops Fallen] [How Many] [It Ain't Yo] [Just A Lil' Love] [Live or Die]

L.A. Symphony:

LA Symphony:
[Broken Tape Decks] [C'est La Vie] [Dance Like] [Don't Call Me] [End Is Now] [Funky Music] [Give] [Gonna Be Alright] [Got It Get It] [Grand Piano] [Hold On] [Less Than Zero] [Money Song] [Next] [Pops Song] [Put Up or Shut Up] [Rise] [Spanish Hawthorne] [Timeless] [Universal]

Lady J.:

[Inchrow] [The Holiness of God]

Larry Kennard:

[After the music stops] [Death story] [Get low] [I did it for you] [Leap of faith] [Praying for you] [Represent!] [Run] [Send me] [The truth] [We Don't] [We Donít]

Lecrae feat. Cam:

Lecrae feat. DiamoneShare:

Lecrae feat. Flame:
[The King]

Lecrae feat. J.R.:

Lecrae feat. Tedashii:

Lecrae feat. Trip Lee:

[my lyrics]

[Be Strong] [Broken] [Call Me] [Call Me] [Conscience Content] [Dangerous Melody] [Dead 2 Sin] [Fast Life] [Fight Back] [God's Fight] [God's Fight Remix] [Her Song] [How Would You Feel] [Imprisioned] [Imprisoned] [Inspirational Thoughts] [It's Like] [Let U All Know] [Lifely Struggle] [Love Music] [Mic Supreme] [Mic Supreme (Original)] [Move To It] [Music Resurrected] [My Ancestor's Dream] [My Liphe] [No Love Matter] [One Last Chance] [One True Dedication] [One True Dedication Pt. 2] [One True Dedication Pt. 2] [Passion Within My Heart] [Passion Within My Heart Pt. 2] [Put Ya Lighters Up] [Put Your Fist Up] [Revolution] [Shot Dreams] [Something Special] [Soulful Dreams] [Struggles of Liphe] [Talk With Your Heart] [This Is (Hiphop)] [Vains in My Hiphop]

[Decadence] [Decadence] [eMOTIONAL] [FYI] [Train Song] [You Are So Underground] [You Will Be My Music]

[Always] [Elbow Room] [First Things First] [Grin & Bear It] [Invigorating] [Leave My Name Out] [Lift Up] [Natural Beauty] [Radiant] [Souldier] [Team Work] [Wise, Dumb (Wisdom)]

LMNO feat. MadChild:
[With Meaning]

[Adrenaline Rush] [After Birth] [Broken] [Case Logic] [Eastern Sky] [Feisen Blue Yowd] [Fellowship of the Unashamed] [Fool's Quest] [Global Epidemic] [God Is My Witness] [Hermeneutics] [However You Want It] [I Live It] [Instrumentalude pt. 1] [Methodical] [N.O.W.] [Panacea] [Process of Illumination] [Represent Like That] [Rockashow] [Shine] [Strugglin' Strivin'] [Swallow Crow] [Throne] [Truth Decay] [Truth Decay] [Valley of Decision] [Youdontknowthehalf.com]

[First To Fight] [In Your Mind] [Ins and Outs] [Just Another Day] [Liquid] [Me and my Cousin] [Mistakes] [Never Did I] [Old Emcees] [Place Called Hiphop] [Read Me and Learn] [Record Keeps Spinning] [Respect Due] [Squad Car] [Uiznotanemcee] [Wackness Like]

Luke Geraty:
[A Day In the Life Of] [Condescending Comprehension] [Crayons] [Drowning In My Dreams] [I'll Be Good to You] [Listen Up] [Million Miles] [Success] [Traveling (Remix)]

[I Will Succeed] [Passion]

Mars ILL:
[2 Steps] [Afterlife] [All Out] [Alpha Male] [Badlands] [Black Market] [Blackboxartist] [Breathe Slow] [Compound Fractures] [Effortless] [Enterchange] [Fade to Black] [Flipside] [I Is] [Inside Out] [Loveís Not] [Lumpsum] [Mars ILL] [Mona Lisa] [Monotone] [More] [My Coloring Book] [My Coloring Book] [My Life] [Nextdoor] [Piecemeal] [Planes and Trains] [PSA#428] [R.A.P.G.A.M.E.] [Rap Fans] [Redefine] [Say So] [Shuck n Jive] [Sidelinespeech] [Souled Separately] [Souled Separately] [Sounds of Music] [Sphere of Hip-Hop Pt. 1] [Street Credibility] [Sunstep] [Tales from Cloud 7] [Talkback] [the Abolition of manCHILD] [The Calm Before] [The Siren Song] [Theme Music] [Touch and Go] [Try Again] [Under the Sun] [Unsound] [Who Will Answer] [Wicked Ways]

mc S-town:
[eigen interpretatie] [Het verborgene] [Respect ?!?] [Zij]

MG! the Visionary:
[50mill] [Contemplation] [With Me]

Minister RMB featuring David Crowder:
[When The Storm Comes]

Ministers of Reconciliation:
[Food 4 Thought] [Kingdom of Heaven]


Mr. J. Medeiros:
[Amelie feat. 20Syl from Hocus Pocus] [Apathy] [Call You] [Constance] [Half A Dream feat. Marty James] [Her Wings] [Keep Pace] [King of Rock Bottom feat. D.J. Vajra] [Money feat. Pigeon John] [Silent Earth] [Strangers] [The Measure]

[Don't Talk] [Found Me] [Found Me] [I have a dream] [Supah Kat]

New Breed:
[Breathless] [Dry Bones] [Live This] [My People] [Outro- Can You Feel It Too?] [Runaway] [Stand] [Stop the Music] [Think] [Verse of the City] [What's My Name] [Your Voice]

Odd Thomas:
[Television Evangelist]

Ohmega Watts:
[89th Key] [That Sound] [The Find] [The Treatment]

Original Atalaya:
[Aquela Historia] [Consciência Divina] [Fura Bala] [Momentum] [Passado-Futuro (Feat. Mordekai)] [Rima Viva] [[intro] (Tv Paraíba)]

Out of Eden:
[Can't Let Go] [Confused] [Get It Right] [Get To Heaven] [Giving My All] [Good Thing] [Good Time] [Greater Love] [It's Me] [Lovely Day] [More Than You Know] [Then & Only Then] [You Brought The Sunshine]

[Abortion Is Murder] [Alive] [Breathe Babylon] [Can You Feel It] [Coming Back] [Draw the Line] [Every Knee] [Full Color] [Get it Straight] [Know Me] [Let the Music Do the Talking] [Live and Die] [One Day] [Preach] [Run] [Satellite] [Seeking the Wise] [Selah] [Snuff the Punk] [Three in the Power Of One] [Who is Right?] [Youth of the Nation]

Passie Posse:
[1 (skit)] [316] [Bless the LORD] [De Koning Komt] [De meest gediste groep] [De Roos van Saron] [Doe mee met de PP] [Echt] [Gedreven] [Geen blad voor m'n mond] [Geloof, hoop, liefde] [Groot] [Het begin en het einde] [Het begin en het einde] [Ieder heeft iets] [Ik wil leven door Uw geest] [Kattekwaad] [Labyrinth] [Liefde] [Maranatha] [Muur van haat] [Openbaring] [Opgesloten] [PP Drop] [Rechtstreeks] [Samen] [Terug] [Tijd van Elia] [Time] [Trapped] [Trapped (metal-mix)] [U zond Uw Zoon] [Waar gaat het over?] [Welkom]

Pastoral Advisory:
[(Jesus Christ is) Still Alive] [Chains of Sin] [Gotta Give 'm What They Need] [Ook Jouw] [Satan NME] [Word]

Peace 586:
[Bonds Like These] [Everything I] [God Said It] [Hard Ballin] [Hear Me Now] [Here for Years] [Itchin] [Love's Still There] [Mourning for the Art] [No More Yesterday] [Progress] [Questions] [Respect] [Solid] [Solid] [The Difference] [Tru'Ndeed] [We Came to the Show]

[B-Side] [Come Home] [Dirge Dancing] [Grieved Again] [Hip-hop Music] [Hope in the Streetz] [In Here] [Me?] [Now Who's da Man] [Odd Job] [Press On] [Press On] [Psych Check] [Psych Check] [R & R] [Shot Clock] [Snitch] [The Amazing Grace] [The Incredible Walk] [Why Hiphop?]

Pigeon John:
[2 Step] [Alone] [As We Know It] [Brand New Day] [Crazy] [Deception] [Do the Pigeon] [Emily] [Fox Hills Mall Macks] [Freaks! Freaks!] [Growing Old] [Hello Everybody] [Higher?!] [Highschool Reunion] [Identity Crisis] [Life Goes On] [Lost My Job Again] [Money Back Guarantee] [One For The...] [Orange County] [Originalz] [Sam the Goat] [The Art of Falling Off] [The Chase] [The Last Sunshine] [Weight of the World] [Welcome to the Show] [What Is Love]

Pinnacle Rhythms:

[Freedom Fighters] [Lonely Superstar] [Seeds of Abraham] [Seeds of Abraham] [Shadow Dance] [Soul Brothers] [You Will Listen]

Power & Dominion:
[I am Yours!] [I'm comin to you!] [Now We're All His/Somos Todos de Cristo!]

[American Fado] [Anybody] [Carousel] [Don't Take It Personal (Japanese Version)] [For the Camera] [I'll Fly] [Jiminy Cricket] [Little People] [Miss January] [Miss January (Original)] [Shabach] [Simple Song] [The Storm] [Track 10 (5SF2C)] [Vader March]

[I Know] [It's Just Life] [Keep It Live] [Keep On Singin'] [Move Wit Me] [My Life, My Music] [Time and Place] [We (Sketchbooks)] [We Are] [Write Right] [Ya Never Know] [You Ain't Ready]

Psalmist, The:
[Anointing] [Blood Flow Anthem] [Heart of Worship] [Hypocrisy] [One Day] [Thank You Again]

[gangsta] [het echte leven] [het echte leven] [je gaat eraan kapot maat]

[Dear Holy Hiphop] [I Pray] [Thankful]

[Beat Battle] [Foolin'] [Heatwave] [It Goes Down] [Rollin With the Punches]

[Leven Of Dood] [Religie] [Slachtoffer In Het Accident]

[8000 RPMs] [Battlestar Galactic] [Bonafide Extreme Emcees] [Broken Jaw] [Cali Blacktop] [Chit Chat] [Don't Wear It Out] [Final Daez] [Indigenous Angel] [Infinite Sonic] [Koyote Gospel] [Last of the Mex-hee-cans] [Musical Aggression] [My Way] [Nevaletchago] [Night Owls] [Otherside of the Pillow] [Put It On] [RedClouds by Day] [Ridiculous Junk] [The Coming] [The Pigeon John Song] [Traveling Circus] [War Party] [When Kenpo Strikes]

Redeemed Thought:
[Bang Ya Head] [Bang Ya Head] [Bless the Mic] [Christ Control] [Dove Soap] [Flag on the Play] [Goodnight] [In Still Motion] [Keep It Simple] [More than Music] [Philadelphia] [Right Here] [Same God] [So Much to Say] [Soapbox] [Still In Motion] [The Anthem (Build Up)] [Welcome]

Rhymes Monumental:
[The Battle: Christ vs. The Deathstar]

ROT - G-Innessy:
[In this generation]

Royal Ruckus:
[Empty] [Hip-hop manifesto] [January 21] [My condolences to rappers] [Pretty girl] [Rains of forgiveness] [Rude Boy and a rappa] [Spanish Rice] [Welcome to skaville] [What You Wanna Do?]

Run DMC:
[3 in the Head] [Ahhh] [Ay Papi] [Big Willie] [Can I Get a Witness] [Can I Get it, Yo] [Come On Everybody] [Crown Royal] [Down With the King] [Down With the King] [For 10 Years] [Get Open] [Here We Go 2001] [In the House] [It's Over] [Let's Stay Together] [Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do] [Queens Day] [Rock Show] [Simmons Incorporated] [Take the Money and Run] [The School of Old] [Them Girls] [Three Little Indians] [To the Maker] [What's Next] [Wreck Shop]

[D.J. Dove (Minister of music)] [Freedom In Captivity] [Give um what we need] [Hood of good] [Skanewpid]

SafaK AkA GetBlaster One:
[Without Love] [Without Love]

Sev Statik:
[All For A Purpose] [I Apologize] [MEDS] [MIC]

shai linne:
[All-Consuming Fire] [Angelz] [As the Hour Draws Near] [Atonement Q and A] [Christ Crucified] [Dark Night of My Soul] [Faithful God] [Gospel Music] [Greatest Story Ever Told] [Heart First] [Heart First (Remix)] [High Priest] [In Adam All Die] [Issues] [Jesus Is Alive] [Judge of All The Earth] [Justified] [Lift Him Up] [Lord of Patience] [Mercy and Gracy] [Mic Check 1, 2] [Mission Accomplished] [My Portion] [Our God is in the Heavens] [Perfect Love] [Random Thoughts] [School Daze] [Slow Down] [Solus Christus] [Taste and See] [Testify] [The Church] [The Glory of God] [The Gospel] [The Jealous One] [The Omnis] [Throne of Grace] [Through My Eyes] [Triune Praise] [Triune Praise (Remix)] [Wake Up, You're Alive] [Were You There] [WWW]

Sharlok Poems:
[Dead Beat Dad] [Open Book]

Sintax the terrific:
[A Mantra to Breathe To] [Firefly Syndrome] [Shirt Sleeve] [Starving Artist]

[All My People] [Caterpillar Dream] [Going Through It] [Hip Hop IS Music] [I Still Love H.E.R.] [Let Go] [Listen to This] [Live It Up] [So Perfect] [Songbird Saturday] [Spring Show] [The Fall] [Thirst Quencher (Hidden Track)] [Today IS the Day] [Walk with Me] [Who Am I]

Soldier the Brainchyld:
[A Lost World] [Dead to Sin] [Dead to Sin Remix] [God's Fight] [God's Fight Remix] [Inspirational Thoughts] [My Life] [One Step] [One True Dedication Pt. 2] [Put Ya Fist Up] [To Live is Christ] [What's the Purpose]

Soup the Chemist:
[Starving Artist] [Turntablist] [Word Play]

Stacie Orrico:

Stephen the Levite:
[BnA part B] [Commissionary] [Disconnected] [Disconnected] [Dividing Lies] [EN:TRANCE] [Fight Club] [Fuzz Duckers] [Give it Up] [John the Baptist] [KnA] [My Wife's Soundtrack] [The First Missionary] [To Die Is Gain] [Voltron] [Wrote it This Way]

Steve Amato:
[Apologetics Rap] [James Rap]

Street Sweepers:
[Ac' Piece (new)] [Ac' Piece (old)] [Face It] [He's Still #1] [Infected] [Passion] [Separate] [Sorrow & Pain] [Street Sweepers (Original)] [Street Sweepers - (Still Sweepin')] [Talk Is Cheap] [Truth or Lie]

[Dead Like Me]

Sup The Chemist:
[As the sun rises] [Gaiety] [Here] [How do you like your hip hop] [Is this a dream?] [My Shot] [The Return Of] [Top Ramen Nites] [Walls]

Surreal and DJ Balance:
[Let the Horns Blow]

[Blazin Mic's] [Conversion] [Crazy Hispanic] [Demon Executor] [Drunk in tha Spirit] [Friends] [Hurt and Pain] [Ministry vs Industry] [Nuttin to Somethin'] [Once Upon a Time] [Organized Rhyme] [Pushin' Up Daisies] [Ride wit me] [Still Preachin] [Straight Up Psycho] [Straighten it Out] [Street Life] [The Fighting Temptations Soundtrack] [The Last Street Preacher] [Thief in tha' night] [Throw your hands up] [Throwin' out tha' wicked] [Tomorrow's Not Promised] [True 2 Life Playas] [Turn this up] [Welcome to California] [Wipe Your Tears]

Tech Omega:
[Ay Yo] [Broken] [Call Me] [Dangerous Melody] [Fight Back] [Get Mines] [Good Vs. Evil] [How Would U Feel] [Imprisoned] [Imprisoned] [Issues] [It's Like] [Itís Like] [Let U All Know] [Lifely Struggle] [Love Music] [Music Resurrected] [My Ancestor's Dream] [No Love Matter] [One Last Chance] [Put Ya Fist Up] [Put Ya Lighters Up] [Revolution] [Something Special] [Soulful Dreams] [Stand Up Anthem] [Talk With Your Heart] [This Is (Hip-hop)] [Trained By Words]

[On Now]

Tha True MC:
[The hearts of men]

The Associates (Iriscience, LMNO, Shaydie, T-Love):
[From the Ground Up]

The Collective:
[Bad Good Works] [Blood Bath]

The Knownauts:
[Crosswalk] [Goodwill Hunting] [Rise & Shine]

[Change] [Have You Seen Her] [I'd Like to Apologize]

Theory Hazit:
[Beautiful] [My Favorite Hiphop Joint] [The Ride] [U R Ghetto '06]

[Get Back] [OverComer]

Timothy Brindle:
[A Letter to My Friends] [Behind Bars] [Blessings of Obedience] [Bondservants] [Christ Restores] [Faulty Doctrine] [Fix Your Eyes] [Fruit Inspection] [Fruit Inspection] [Glorious] [Hell] [I'm the Problem] [It's Obvious] [Let's Kill Sin] [Liberation (a parable)] [Love Music] [Means of Grace] [Mercy Music (Come Home)] [My New Life] [Power of the Holy Spirit] [Preciousness of Time] [Pressing Into the Kingdom] [Psalm 51] [Ram's Horn] [Sacrifice of Worship] [Santification] [Saved By Grace] [Self-Sufficiency] [Step Into the Light] [The All-Sufficiency of Christ] [the Battle] [The Compassion of Christ] [The Completeness Cypher] [The Daily Gosepl] [The Darkness of my Heart] [The Excellency of Christ] [The Faithfulness of Christ] [The Heart of Christ] [The Humility of Christ] [The Intercession] [The Pharisee and Tax Collector] [The Sinfulness of Sin] [The Temptation] [Total Depravity] [What Great Love is This?] [Word of God]

Trip Lee:
[Behold The Spirit] [Cling to You] [Cling to You feat, shai linne] [Come close Feat. Flame & Sho Baraka] [Come close Feat. Flame & Sho Baraka] [Eyes open feat. J.R.] [Hip Hop] [Hip Hop] [Inexhaustible] [Intimacy] [Intro] [Real Vision Feat. tedashii] [Relief] [Satisfaction (Hedonist)] [Superstar] [To Live Is Christ] [True Security] [We told'em] [Who He Is feat. Lecrae,Cam] [Who is like Him?]

[Takin Over] [The way u make me feel] [Triple-G]

True Vibe:
[Now And Forever] [You are the Way] [You Found Me]

[13/30] [2 is Better] [2 is Better] [After Your Heart] [All We Owe] [Civilian] [Click (No Regrets)] [Conversations] [Every Day] [Fig Tree] [Fourplay] [Go] [Here and Noun] [I Need You] [Incredible Christian] [Legacy] [Man Up] [My Story] [N.F.L.] [On Duty] [Open Book] [Our World] [Our World] [Please!] [Price Tag] [Resurrection] [Roll Now] [Rose] [Satisfied] [Scent] [South Street] [Stand] [Star Struck] [Teacher] [That Great Day] [The Jesus Anthem] [The Portrait (Da Vinci Code Snapshots)] [This Is For You] [Truth] [Turn You Around] [Welcome to The Faith] [Who Am I?] [Who is That] [Whose Team?] [Whose Team?] [Why I Do]

Tunnel Rats:
[Behind Closed Doors] [Born Again] [Broken Life] [Concentrated] [Cyphers] [Devilís Advocate] [Forever Yours] [Her Story] [How We Get Down] [Intro Ė Underground Rise] [Kick Kick] [Ladders] [Let the Light Through] [Lost] [Mission penpossible] [Misunderstood] [My Name Is Griffin] [Nevertheless] [One Voice] [Outro Ė Underground Rise] [Planet Dok] [Planet Dok] [Point Taken] [Real Money] [Reload] [Remember this day] [Road to Success] [Slow Your Roll] [Southern Brutality] [Still Standing] [Suffocation] [Suffocation] [Thatís Life] [The Knack] [True Underground] [Typical Tunnel Rat Topic A] [Typical Tunnel Rat Topic B] [We Just Roll Deep] [What You Got] [You Don't Want That] [You Donít Want That]

Unity Klan:
[All I need] [Break it down] [One day]

[Audible Angels] [Blessings] [Humanitree] [L.A. Fresh] [Love] [Rob No One]

Vivid Curve:
[Blasting] [Camouflage] [The Cure]

[Inspired] [When I'm weak I'm strong]

[Independent Superstars]

Wut Metaphysical:
[Hand me my Gun] [Hand me my Gun] [I Hail Jahovah] [Like the Phoenix] [Vestal]

WWMT / H.O.G.:
[Jumping in the House of God]

Young Wiz:
[Beyond That] [Caution] [Different] [Father's Heart] [Like This] [One Way] [Shoot 'Em Up] [This Generation] [We Here Now] [When Thugs Cry] [Will You Ever Learn]