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G/Force - Desperation (Fragment)

What is it in your eyes that reflects despair
Out of air you stare, no more to care
No more to bear, the weight on your back
That seems to weigh more and more since you started to keep track

It's whack, since it was too late to step back
Now you've come to a point where returning would wreck
Your achievements, giving you no more than a brief chance
Go on! You already lost your clean hands

Deeper and deeper and deeper and still deeper
Nobody seems to care "Am I my brothers keeper?"
Sleeper, wake up! Awake for the sake of
Your soul, before you gotta pay the toll

Black hole is closing, there your effort goes in
It's time to bail out before the gates are no more open
Hopin' that it's gonna be allright
There's just one answer...