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Royal Ruckus - What You Wanna Do?
© copyright 1998, Jamey Bennett

CHORUS: where you Gonna go? What You wanna do? Where you Gonna be? what you wanna say? How you Gonna feel?

It's what it is/ what it was/ What it's Gonna be about It's what I do/ so come on/ let me hear you scream and shout/ <> you gotta be big/ that's the lie they're tellin'/ the key to success/ that's what I'm sellin'/ I'm Gonna tell you now that there's a better way/ make your own choices or you will live to regret the day/ ----repeat chorus----- hey/ life is short/ yeah it's not too long/ the choice is yours/ so you gotta be strong/ I know it's hard to deal with pressures/ every one's pushing for ungodly treasures/ listen now to a new sensation/ crazy things coming out across the nation/ it's not wrong/ it's like inflation/ all things are good in moderation/ ---repeat chorus---- look at us now/ we're graded on pressure/ stop to take a rest and get a five hour lecture/ well that's not right/ we don't need a good start/ kuz God grants success to the pure in heart/ Success is a matter of give and take/ what you put in yields what you make/ but it can't be measured by doctors and scholars/ kuz you gotta have a heart to make friends and dollars