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T-Bone - Once Upon a Time
(from the album GospelAlphaMegaFunkyBoogieDiscoMusic)
© copyright 2002

Once upon a time in that Ghetto yo
I used to make the chetta
When I was lounging with the playa and the hustlers yo
And rydin on 'em haters
Just pimpin with them playas from the 415
Hustling everyday just to stay alive
Huh, once upon a time in the ghetto yo-o
I used to make that cheddar

[Verse 1]
Used to be a slave to sin
Smoking indo smoke like the homie Mista Grimm
Now who a thought that years ago I'd be the one reachin him
Prayin in the late night hour crying
Askin' that lord to come on in
Of a broken heart filled with all this hurt and pain
Askin that lord to clear that overcast and all the rain
Cuz there ain't no sunshine in the ghetto
Unless ya got Christ in ya life not the devil
That's what I had though
Demons in my system dogg
Now I'm intoxicated wit the Holy Spirit yall
No more chronic, bionic and gin and tonic
Chocolate tye, or sticky icky, icky
Cuz the Holy Goly gets me high

[Verse 2]
See I was, thugged out
West Cali livin
Straight sinnin in boss hog Cali Pimpin
Straight sippin Gin & Juice, Tangarae and Rum
Steady spittin pimp game from this play tongue
Brim tilted to the left
Leaning in my ride
"Wit that" rims glistering
While I'm whistling
Picture me and chicks kissin in the back of a 64
Devil had me trippin like a wineo' in a liquor store
Thank God bro Jesus broke the Devils chains
Now I'm addicted, shooting this gospel all up in my veins
Can't get enough of the way that he makes me feel
I wanna holla, holla
Ready to die in ya honor
I'm a changed man from the feet up
But stay G'd up
From the street up
So I can reach rydas smoking the weed up

I just don't know why
These rydas wanna ryde
When they know that
They very well could die
From the bullets of a gage or nine
When ya living in the fast lane commitin 'em crimes
I said I... just don't know why
These plays wanna play
When they know that the world is filled wit AIDS and disease
Baby mamma wit dads who be flossing while they
Kids are broke & dressin in rags