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Redeemed Thought - Right Here
(from the album Truth, Beauty, Goodness)
© copyright 2005

Drop all your missions, stop look an' listen/
Come see what you've been missing/
To everybody who can hear give an ear/
(It's right here!) where's it at? (It's right here!)/
Where’s it at, yo, Your heart's searching for purpose/
Yearning to surface, above what this earth says is perfect/
You’ll find the answer if you draw near/
(It's right here!) where's it at? (It's right here!)// where's it at, yo...

Verse 1: MUZE-ONE
Yo the soul seeker is back, known for putting heaters on tracks/
My thesis is fact, believe in what I'm speaking on wax/
I'm seeking to ask, "What is it that you're seeking for black/
Is it something you lack, an off ramp you think you have passed"/
Pump your brakes kid, the Son's waiting, so dump your fakeness/
Let’s investigate the state of what's vacant/
You got a hole in your soul but nothing seems to fill it or fulfill it/
Or even leave you with a full feeling…

Stephen the Levite:
But, you like to play it like your fine though/
Walking through a dark room fronting blind folded with your eyes closed/
You fall often the voice talking/
Tells you to walk it off but it never seems to solve the problem//
Sometimes you wanna call a time out/
But the clocks don't stop, hope you got some time before your time's out/
Mean while I'll throw a line out/
Listen for the hook and if you look in the book then you should find out.


Verse 2: Stephen the Levite
Your search is aimless, your aim is/
To attain the vainest things under the sun and famous/
Or make money and remain nameless/
Macking dames wit' a dangerous game and stay shameless/
You try to learn more to earn more/
No discipline spend frivolous, burn more to yearn more/
It's like a sad song/
You smoke sess, to relieve stress, but the trees and the sex, never last long…

You're the El Capitan of your own ship/
Which you've filled with riches from your voyages and short trips/
Your greedy eyes keep your heart's cry played down/
But nothing satisfies, it just keeps you weighed down/
You're on your way down to sink in the Pacific/
With all your gold but your boat's got a hole in it/
There's no holding it or your soul will go with it/
I'll throw a rope in, come and grab a hold of it!


Verse 3: MUZE-ONE
To conclude, you've been fooled into thinking/
That your jewels are the things that conclude all your seeking

Stephen the Levite:
Bamboozeled believing your achievements can appease the true reason/
Why you've been reaching for life's meaning/

Seeking for pipes will weaken your life/
Still thinking you might quench thirst drinking a Sprite, denying the Light/

Stephen the Levite:
I'm inspired to write for the Messiah's delight/
Praying you might receive eternal life when I rhyme on the mic/

’Cause despite all the attractions urging to see cash/
It's certain to not last eternally leave you crashed and burning/

Stephen the Levite:
But God's passion reversed Adam's actions/
Converting cats once perverse but active servants/

CHRIST died to cease your life's search/
Then rose to give birth to peace that fits perfect!

Stephen the Levite:
He's willing to serve it, though we don't deserve it/
So repent and turn to Him or keep searching/
Bruh, you need to...