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R-Swift - Dear Holy Hiphop
(from the album Revolutionary Theme Musik)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1: R-Swift
Dear Holy Hip-hop-itís been a minute since we last crossed paths/
But I know youíve been busy in the lab/
And thatís cool, I know you wanna grind/
So I took this time to drop you a line Ďcause lately youíve been on my mind/
I reminiscence on the day we first met/
Itís crazy, at first we became cool-mainly the churches where we chilled at/
Learnt to spill raps thatís how we got close/
And went everywhere from the block to the road to rock shows/
Praying that God propels us/
Eventually cyphas, secular open mic nights dropping accepellas/
You and I was a team, not for the Cream/
Wanting nothing more than the glory of God to be seen/
But now things ainít the same, I noticed theyíre different/
Thereís some issues I need to approach I hope youíre listening/
For years I watched you switch from minister to businessman/
Now all you talk about is different things/
You used to promote the Lord of Host behind bars/
Now you just boast about how dope your rhymes are/
You were so sincere and itís lethal how/
Things changed you got an ego now/
But donít get it twisted, this ainít your holy hiphop as a whole/
But just those who got an ulterior motive/
Enticed by the fast life and the cheddar/
So itís to you that I write this letterÖsaying.

Dear Holy Hiphop, Iím just telling you this because I love you/
So Iím typing this letter thinking of you/
I hope Iím making it clear/
Youíre my heart but Iím taking it there

Verse 2: Stephen the Levite
Weíve known each other long enough for me to be real with you/
The first time that I met you I wasnít feeling you/
You wasnít as attractive, lacking in beauty/
But you had truth and that was cool, but I still laughed at you/
Besides I hadnít met Christ yet/
I couldnít appreciate what you said, but your holiness demanded respect/
So I regret mocking you Ďcause now I feel like you heard me/
Changed your steez and became flirty/
The next time that I saw you I was in awe you/
So much so I didnít realize that you had lost your truth/
But not enough to produce a relationship/
From then it was hit and miss, but it was clear that you hadnít changed a bit/
Then I made the switch from Pagan to Christian/
Major convictions rearranged the way that I listened/
The Scriptures made me envision/
The way that you could be and ďChristologyĒ fit the description/
And since then weíve been cool but/
I ainít gone front-I was bitter about those times you kept your mouth shut/
And it took me years to forgive you/
And nowadays with critics attacking make it hard to defend you/
ĎCause when you hang around that certain group of friends/
I see that same old you that offends/
And my jealousy wonít let me accept what youíre doing with them/
You lose your beauty when your truth is hidden.


Verse 3: shai linne
We got some things we need to talk about/
I can't believe we're at this point- I really feel like walking out/
I'm looking at the front door like Main Source/
Cause often, I don't feel like we're on the same course/
We don't see eye to eye- you think I'm on some pie-in-the-sky/
Why should I lie? I thought it was all about dying to "I"/
And "my" and "me"- try to see why I be despising the/
Rhymes you be constantly writing me pridefully/
I thought it was all about making HIM known/
The risen Christ- highly exalted, who reigns on the throne/
And how the gospel is God's might to give the blind sight/
It's not right for you to rock mics and try to steal the spotlight/
My fear is that you've traded a heartfelt devotion/
to Christ for recognition through self-promotion/
Cause folks who knew you before me- they felt the transition/
You're jealous and can't listen because of selfish ambition/
You wanna blow up- hold up- slow up: you need to grow up/
Cause if Christ would show up at some of your parties, He'd wanna throw up/
You wanna reach out, but whatcha reachin' em through/
Are you leading them to Christ, or are you leading them to you/
On my list of griefs, I had many more scars/
But R-Swift only gave me twenty-four bars/
So, I guess I'll sign off gracefully/
Yours Truly, the lower case emcee.