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TRUTH, da - Please!
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1: J-Silas
God’s not pleased with you bust glocks, rock in your socks/
Spot hot on the block, stay ducking from the cops/
Not moved by your Hummer Two, His wrath will pummel you/
Hope these bars trouble you ‘cause you’re in trouble dude/
Sis too as you fluze on your late night peruse/
Be sleep like a zoo eating men like chews/
Peanuts see young bucks buck wild, copy the ghetto style though the ghetto’s foul/
Please man your Jag ain’t jiggy/
When you’re drunk and crash into a tree in a frenzy/
High off weed and Remy, wanting more like Demi/
Leave the club on your sinny while some chicks acting friendly/
Aids waits on your first blind date ‘cause it was a blind date/
And you’re walking a blind faith/
Please man, y’all listen, living reality y’all wishing/
Death flirts you’re all kissing/
All missing when judgment day comes/
‘Cause you can’t stand in judgment not believing in the Son/
Please man I want him to be pleased when He comes/
Not works just faith in the Son.

Please man, I hope that he’s pleased with me/
This is not done easily/
I cock mic’s ‘cause the Father’s aim is to see Jesus Christ look alikes/
Please man, I hope that he’s pleased with me/
This is not done easily/
I cock mic’s (you can’t please Him on your own)/
‘Cause the Father’s aim is to see Jesus Christ look alikes/

Verse 2: da’ TRUTH
Jesus, I want Him to be pleased/
Bad as I want my grades but don’t want them to be D’s/
I at least want them to be B’s/
I don’t creep simply ‘cause I don’t want him to be grieved/
Watch, it is the pleasure of God/
For His people to use His word like a measuring rod/
TRUTH and J. Silas we’re indebted to God/
We can’t pay Him just cause some presidents died/
Nah, it’s got to be more than that/
So while the weed is being passed/
His people are looking to see what pleased Him in the past/
What was it? What did? What does? What doesn’t/
What’s he love? What bugs Him/
Watch and as we look through the lens of the past/
We’re reminded God was pleased with the skins of a calf/
So He and the Jews could be friends at last/
He could overlook their guilt and throw their sins in the trash/
But since He’s no longer using the blood of bulls and goats/
And He’s revealed how me and my boys can approach Him/
Get close to Him, host Him, boast about Him/
From His perspective be identified as wholesome/
We’ve taken full advantage He’s so pleased with us no/
That if he comes back in a second me and my boys will vanish/
And meet Christ in the air, throw rice in the air/
Forever hang with Him like dice in the mirror.


Verse 3: J. Silas
God’s not pleased with you man ‘cause of how you behaved/
But if you can tell the story about how you got saved/
If you a sinner you a sinner if you saved you saved/
Let’s not beat around the bush let’s call a spade a spade/

Let’s call a slave a slave and a trade a trade/
Exchange life for His death that’s the proper exchange/
Watch bulls eye like a shot in the range/
Please the Papa through the Son that’s what God has arranged/

J. Silas
‘Cause He was pleased to bruise His Son/
Drop to your knees please do this Son/

Dispose of your weed, please lose your guns/
We’re going to continue to please Him ‘til this groove is done.