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Tunnel Rats - Road to Success
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Yo I heard a wise man once said
It ain't all about the bread or cheese
Material gain please
Man I ease my way through this life - a little strife just me and my wife whether I'm dead broke or rockin Ice
It ain't hard I'm focused on God, Family and Hip Hop
When I hit the top
I'm saying who's with me who's out to get me
Who stuck beside through the fire and rain
Some envious some admire the gain
TR we travel the entire terrain
Yeah - so when the haters hate
It's all good - I'm bout to live out a greater fate
Watch me move, I can't lose
See I choose to fuse the truth
Every time I show and prove
Now you could love me or leave me diss me or dismiss me
You ain't got time better make up your mind quickly

We going places only few been called
We gon' take this music thing right to the stars
We gon' spit until we can't rip no more bars
We gon' start this party right (Why) just because
Yeah we going places only few can see
Traveling cross country and the seven seas
Transcending the boundaries of color and creed
'Cause the road to success has been named new breed

give me a line and i'll spit ya'll 16
then pass me a color and i'll paint for ya'll my dream
now hand me a mirror show you life ain't what it seem
but give me a microphone and i'll talk it to extreme
i swim against the stream
and walk against the norm
refine under pressure
no i'll never conform
born conquerer
always ready for war
and now deemed superstar i'm geerin up for world tour
trying to stake my claim in this hip-hop game
and yes i'm bent on stars marking tunnel rat name
we built for this terrain
i don't need no fancy cars
i'll drive my ford focused on premium bars
full speed ahead for the purspose and cause
breaking for no one but obeying God's laws
there's a stop up ahead you need to heed to my speed
cause the road to success has now been named new breed

Ready to shine under brighter lights
brawl in the bigger fights
new breed taking their game into higher heights
higher stakes
make no mistake
we gonna roll to the gold then the platinum plates

A yo I can't think twice and won't look back
The diary of my life is in my book of raps
I'm purposed by design to shine be the sower of seed
Murder the greed and let God lead

So i'm gon' uprok this rhythm to the great escape
label me no more i'm livin' out my fate
great is the destiny
God use the worst and best in me
i'm ready to work until there ain't nothin' left of me
Yo it's a thin line between the underground and the main stream
It takes a brave team to break through it
I though y'all knew it my verbal communication is fluid so I got to pursue it