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Tunnel Rats - Behind Closed Doors
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Behind closed doors decide the styles of next season
And why somethin' in fashion for no apparent reason
We control your passions the right beats to mash in
From payin' dues to slang used it's all on purpose
Swear it 'aint just happenin' in chucks and boots
How many mass murderers wear four thousand dollar suits
And lean up in the coup with clean hands from dirty paper
Seems alright when the hit-men get ten to twenty-five.
Speak to my friends and kinsmen to will to stay alive
At the night's end the henchmen will feel my every rhyme
The doors can bring closure or exposure to the people
Separate but not equal yes you could not speak to
It aint and accident what color kicks fit your outfit
And I'll bet you thought you was original with it
And you fight the system but to do it means you use it
Like music I choose it to school kids
You knew this.

Behind closed doors
Leaders make decisions with ambition for war
Multiple men are at the mercy of he who settles the score
Medals and awards are received as well as applause
For the one who puts most men in a corpse
Behind doors - no more masks are warn
Often times the past is reborn
Many are sworn into secrecy
Come on and walk with me
I'm unveiling the prevailing sin of centuries
It's called greed lust envy a million bucks
How many mass murderers are wearing khakis and chucks
Timbalands the heart of man devises wicked schemes
Look through the peephole of the priesthood and I see demons
But I can't scream cause sometimes I see me
I been the chief of all sinners y'all ain't gotta know me
I've been debated and hated by self righteous with no flaws
White robes and bibles but at night they got claws