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Tunnel Rats - Her Story
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

I dream galaxies, speak prophecies in 3-D
My poetry be 20,000 leagues under the sea deep
So why you keep hopin for some mediocrity
To slip outta my lips, didn't you know I'm unfit
To spit anything less than profound cuz I sit in
Spiritual submission to God sound.
Allow Him to crown my words world-reknowned
You frown cuz your assumptions got flipped upside-down
You wanna pretty Hawaiian girl kick exotic to your world
Swirl her hips as her lips drip coconutty naughty
Tan lines on your brain. Now, I need to explain...
I ain't here to be adore cuz I'm so much more than your
Mary jane high or candy cane for your eye
My fly be mesmerizing cuz it comes from the inside out.
Confident but never too proud, the underground
Diamond in the rough emcee has been found.

I ain't got no time for debating
All these so called rappers that's hatin
Radio lies and TV ain't for me
I speak my mind when I rhyme it's her story
I ain't got no time for y'all frontin
Everybody got to say something
Radio lies and TV ain't for me
I speak my mind when I rhyme it's her story

this artist won't ever make artless music see
heart saddened by the state of heartless industry
morning the death of hip-hop
what it used to be
still work the grind to be the hardest emcee, feel me
listen, listen how i sound so pretty
but in under 2 seconds could get down and dirty gritty
it's a pity to pin me to 1 style
music child versatile
city girl profile with hits that make 'em go...
look at how we getting looked at
music video hoes and hoe emcees on top of that
well i got class on top of tact not to mention skill exact
don't need to sell sex to sell still got 'em under my spell
watch, watch now how a real woman do
how i could undo your voodoo in a minute or two
sexy don't mean skanky and classy never trashy
pass me the mic, any questions you could ask me


"MMMmmmm, taste like word up and fresh, product of the strong and complex generation X to intense to digest to understand you must manifest intellect I battle for the sport of the kill, lick my chops then enjoy my next meal, but I cant eat processed meat and i cant stomach rappers with styles to weak with no spice so I'm throwing salt on your game i'd rather deal with hunger pains while my rap remains my weapon of choice my voice, my skills, my heart the system i broke out of ,learned to breathe without em' it's time to get played suka, realize your made in the process, you been T.A.G'ed and all they want is full access to assets feeding you to the masses, but you won't make it that far, thinking you need some classes and practice, with the music volume down so you really hear the sound of whackness..........