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Tunnel Rats - Born Again
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Yeah we a little bit closer to our final destination
Inhale, exhale I focus on respiration
Even though the path I'm facing been laid out since creation
Yo we move galaxies while brothers while brothers are star gazing
Walk in the promise while others are stuck praising
Ain't it amazing we still blaze trails
Ain't bound to the prison of mass media sales

Lower case man I am often small in my ways
But when I embrace the Creator's grace I'm made great
Verily I claim all sky and land
Readily I break all law made by man
Every eardrum and hand whether enemy or fan
Shall shake and shiver from the weight I deliver
On command from the giver of life, you heard it right
For the glory of the Lord I keep my rhyme tight.

You can't lie to me
Cause I already know whats real
See I tasted the truth for myself
Ain't no denying the way I feel
I been born again
I was born to win
I've got the fire in my soul for the greatest story ever told

Bread to the eater seed to sower every cypher Know
Let me rhyme blessin time 'foe I let ya go
Challenge we when devil would act dastardly to fall into place
Embrace the grace an
Explain un searchable word get hurtful
Work for a team that fiends for Elohim
Livin out our dreams in 8s and 16s of praise and adoration
Come bless the nation

They just keep kicking me down.
I know that I gotta get up.
But I aint got that much more to give.
But as long as I'm living, I'm like...
"Here we go again. It's back to work in the cut."
My people in the front. Where them hands? Get 'em up!
We're living it up, but down for cause.
Unified, not uniform. We're breaking down walls.


Flip that are you living what you right you're
Out for carnal pleasures and you might just
Give it away
You're getting pimped for days
And it's still amazing how you be complaining
Easy to obtain it when you have God
It's not hard to follow these laws
Put your guard down freak human nature
Speak to that behavior
Praise the creator

every body grab the floor you heard this before
this is the part where we seal the doors
and aint nobody leavin untill there's heavy breathin'
a show like this is a myth ut i'm beleivin'
we get it crunk like we want we make it bump like we want
and any attempt to ignore is a front
we aint stoppin till w're tourin' for months
and every ear drum done heard the word at least once


so many wanna play the role so many wanna live it so many wanna brake the mold and some wanna fit in it but in a world where you either with it or timid there's a middle man who couldn't by nature exceed the limits so don't choose the latter cause he could be ya enemy the fear or the feelin that you ain't got a destiny it's deep but if you cant used to the brain twistas how you gonna figure out what to do when the grain hits ya

I ain't much with words
but when i spit i'm real smooth
don't care for all the lights
i just fit well into this groove
music born within my soul
i was just born to be the tool
to reach the heart of my people
for the stage I ain't no fool
though i'm cool with it
love the hands raised when your mind and soul feel it
tunnel rats love to kill it
got the heart of a lion
mic in hand roaring on top of Mt. Zion
basking in His glory cause my God ain't no denying