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Tunnel Rats - Let the Light Through
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Quickly now, propaganda hit you now let me hip you how
Pro-fessionals get down
I spit now, flippin you trippin don't get it how, battle verse converts to converts in town
Lift your brow, watch me now, start to embark
To carry a malaria to bury the adversary
Roll, the captain of our soul dun sharpened up our aim when fame dun got old
Cyphers get cold Christians aint bold futures on hold It's the same everywhere
Extra care given too the few who would listen to
State of understandin' go to show how long I've been with ya
Sinister, stumblin' fumblin' through the dark
Betta start by killing the envy in the and the enemy
Schemin' while you leanin' on the back ropes
Feeling the rats and bless God like you're Black folks

We let the light through
Kill what the night do
Pass me the mic you
Won't be the same
I won't complain
I'll flip up the game
I'll lift up the name
I'll bring in the change

Son of God planned it, hate can't stand it, over land and sea lands ne with a thirst
To dive first into the diverse to write my verse and die first so the king can live in my work
Young it might hurt
Be careful what you wish
Diggin in my dirt, a terrible list
Inheritin' the earth it's the curse of the blessed a charitable gift for the church
In the church in the chest.
The meek and lovely, told me hold it, it aint over.
Give till it hurt put in work be a solder now
You can't ignore me I'm Horry wit' 3 seconds in the game left
You aint out my range yet
You wont be the same a
Chance to make a change con-
sider me the strangest
swinging in the majors
no more, will you suffer under guilt till you tilt.
I claim restoration for the whole b-boy nation


Swervin' in the whip it's, off the brain Olympics, three sixty kick flips
Freedom in repentance.
Morning time, so no time for mourning you survive the night. Livin' in that kind of life
Shoulda' put ya'
In the I. C. but you still made it and grace gets more amazin' approaching the days end
It's barely what it seems. Putting hands on dreams, love wit no seams that seems to increase.
Livin' in full peace at the man that God made me but Pharises seem to stay scared of me
Whatever b. Im busy dealin with dealers on how they feelin'
Your pen is illin you need some penicillin
Son is born a not so luke warm refuse to conform
Evangelist on ya campus, school or house I rock till its jumpin and word of life pumpin and dump rhymes in dozens