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Tunnel Rats - Misunderstood
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

who wanna catch a whirlwind, experience verbal defacement, see first hand the barbaric method of you replacement and feel this raw pathogen flex it's God's wrath in the flesh nowhere to run but on back to ya set go break the news about the tunnel rat reign go tell ya dogs about the muzzle that we brought to shut em up in this game our pieces completed the puzzle yall was lackin in lost the knack up in and now yall haters askin "what's happenin" cause broad is the road where yall lost sight of progression no foolin a younger student who's ridin this proffession bare back leavin bear tracks to show you how i'm stepin I see what you be plottin all ya evil intentions are like a stench that's tickin off all the residents in Whittier and breedin ruckus up in defiance cause they ain't feelin ya i'm tryin hard to maintain a positive way of spittin but it seem every year these rappers are gettin sillier they never stop showin they numorous inabilities they hate for how we do it and what they wack soliloquies i'm aimin for the ones who come weak wit they delivery and i'll persist whether or not you folks agree with me

If it walks & talks like...y'all know the rest.
But if it don't describe you, much love & be blessed.
Nobody's perfect, we confess.
Everybody's got room to grow fa sho.

Yo - I break through barriers
I'm a time traveler
I shun the wicked and kick it among those who flip lyrics unscripted
I'm amongst the gifted
I heard the spirit and drifted
Three thousand miles to the west I don't sleep I rest
Every breath is a testament to my testimony
If you don't know me don't slow me down
Unless you my brother trying to cover me with wisdom
You my enemy in this system on this road to perdition
I'm a heaven sent intervention
For those cats who love rap
But the fact remains they can't hear it on their radio station
My occupation is hard worker
My inspiration is I got a lot to learn
I won't retire
I pray the Lord tarries and carries me in a chariot of fire

Cuz if we walk & talk right, we're gonna get blessed.
With the light, we rock mics trying to be the best.
I guess some parts are hard to digest.
But some really make it their quest to detest.

It's only natural. We're gonna be misunderstood.
I sat & thought about that old question.
Should I let it get to me the way that it does...
to the point where I can't focus, which was getting to be the case. But because of His love, I'm living proof of grace. It makes me recall all of those who chose to listen with an open mind. Never spoon fed, I read between the lines. I said what I thought but not what I felt. I rolled with the punches. Played whatever cards I was dealt & knelt down at the altar. Built foundation on the rock, but not Gibraltar.
Much stronger on a longer path with a rod & my staff.
Red paragraphs keep me on track thru the highs & the lows.
I'll let the _____ fill the void. Then I'm Outro.