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Tunnel Rats - Slow Your Roll
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

At spots where they gather,
And circle up to work enough nerve for the battle
My war ignores the nay-sayas
The conqueror sings, shoulder blade stretch out to wings
I fly through stompin incompetence at last.
Your role know it, but betta slow it 'foe it----
An open book quote, scripture type dope,
Amidst a, rap fixture finsta rip the insta-
Mental pencil jogger intro to credits.
Lett it be, blessed be God fear emcee.
Pullin' Pulitzer prize from underground rise to now
On the grind in it findin' it somehow
Y'all see red no matter my patters a matador
The mechanism best to give um excorsism or
Lights out no doubt patiently waits me,
For my turn you should do the same slow your roll.

Why you in a rush - slow your roll
Man you should take your time - slow your roll
You're too anxious - slow your roll
Man you should really just - slow your roll

Y'all think I got it made?
I'm tryin' to scrape up 8 bucks to get a fade!
I'm tryin' to wake up late & have productive days.
You can't "shake up the world" when you're stuck in a maze. Driving a time bomb, my car leaks gas. If it goes down, I hope it blows up fast. It's gotta be better up in heaven than down here.
I don't belong here man.
It feels wrong here, like a verse that's on the wrong song.
I hear only when I listen closer.
I'm mixing little hidden tricks in with composure.
Back in the booth with no dozier or crystal Folgers's.
Just a Rush of Adrenaline...Sobe it.
That's when I'm working tho. Otherwise I low-key it.
I'm "Go achieve it!" never Nazi it.
Free it. Never keep it.
Leave it, don't force feed it.


The tales unfold, as I unload,do what your told, got'cha huffin and buckin' in a choke hold,I can be that bold, fearless and daring are my companion's. see that I, make men cry, in cipher's with or without a beat, my greatness, mind rapist, I communicate this best, from the tradition's exercised in the west, gotta respect them and make em' holy, once you enter in you will never win, proven that your phony, a cloning of boring and terrible hysterical styles,it's going to take a miracle, to my dub's up and my neck breakin, nod my head to all the sense your makin, that's a far fetched dream of you freestyling i'm like please pass the mic....................