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Tunnel Rats - Nevertheless
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

I foot a path that ain't easily taken I choose to talk wit a slang that people be hatin but nevertheless compromising who I was made to be is a topic that I never take lightly i'll make it plain to see I chose to an oddity less known commodity a thorn in the side of ya flesh at best till ya die in a sense still I strive wit intense content an ride when I vent stompin on ground where the less conscious ones drown in suspense they know when griffin comes around it's a town in distress and when I grip the microphone that it's bound to get blessed i'll make it known before hand I explorin sounds till my self and the tunnelrat emblem is world renowned yo look around the movement can't be televised, infestin ya local burrows go tell ya guys, time to bear witness how the underground rose and feel the wrath of the thunderous tunnelrat enterprise