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Tunnel Rats - Planet Dok
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

1st verse
from the forming of the world to the creation of man to the emancipation of the chosen from Stan's hand to the days of the prophets and blood in the sand when the world lost the light and then found it again every wrong turn that was a part of the plan you claim to see it but refuse to believe it just stay where you stand but when the ground moves we'll see where you land what you found dude is a reasonable man i just thought i'd warn ya 'fore i start using my hand to bring order i'm on the trail of a lie moving toward a source with a cross but i think they're mistaken they border the lives of the lost and they're waitin' i never knew a mission of love included hatin' the though you conceived i believe it's not workin' get ready for more hurtin' this is just the birthin'

verse 2
i strech from one end of the horizon to the next all my targets best protect they residence you see the sun darkenin' Dok's walkin' in toward unpardoned men still carrying they're sin with no discrimination, my nation is Hell bound in a basket and been lambasted untill now who you protest'? best to put your signs down aint studied the lesson how we cuttin' crime down each one reach one see it and turn it around one reach one each not we coverin' ground the self rightcheous light just wanna recite this your likness is lookin' kinda Christless it's hard to swallow but i'm making sure you gulp it loose you grip on your cross cause you lug around your pulpit there's a reason that they hate us and homey you the culprit they should look to us for truth and not walk away insulted

verse 3
the wori'd spinnin out of control that's why i'm never out of a flow as long as there's a battle for souls i'ma keep spinttin' hot flamin' pieces of granite homey how you gonna mange when you facin' a planet cats are duckin' cause they know they in the oven the heat has risen now the underground sits above 'em you besta leam to love it or just live with the shovin' your coalition is missin' the reason for the mission (buss it) how you expect the curse to act blessed? open up the book and show me the verse to back this tell me that i'm not the first to blast this my past tense is fill with other such passions I'll never turn the lost away the cost was paid not with my life so what gives me the right to speak out of spite, the light and darkness dont mix that's whay your church is going to be empty tonight

I'm four hundred pounds of ground rush
No man commanding me I'm puppet of Jehovah hand
Like a lion when I move around the sound hush
Y'all wonder why TR is deemed a global band (2x)