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Tunnel Rats - True Underground
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Lyrics somebody want lyrics you can feel
I reproduce the truth - I reinvent the wheel
I introduce the youth to music
Beautiful gift to uplift for those who would choose it
I refuse to abuse the ears of my peers
I'm enthused by those crew's who don't bow down to fear
Year after year
I pour out the very essence of my soul it unfolds in the form of a literary work of art
My motto is ignore the charts
'Cause I stop the music to hear God whisper in the wind
I'm wishing I could be a kid again
But still got the fire of a New Breed
I bleed for what I believe
I wanna be rich
But I can't concede
And man I want to make hits but I can't believe
What they sayin it's gon take to make it in this industry
Many a man in this ministry has fallen from his calling
Due to that all purpose burning desire for ballin but
I forfeit diamonds and gold
Just to share with the world the greatest story ever told and if that makes me underground then so be it
I'm free from it
I don't need it
I proceed with an army of soldiers marchin to the drum
I represent the Lord and I represent where I'm from

Not for radio (the beats the rhymes)
Not for video (the streets the heart)
Fighting for the freedom of the underground (I spoke the truth when nobody else would)
I can't sell my soul (the truth the word)
I can't lose my sound (the love the art)
Fighting for the freedom of the underground (I spoke the truth when nobody else would)

it's been too many years to stop now how you gonna claim you underground, I aint seen you around I don't recognize your face but i recognize you style I heard yours before but it's only 1/2 as raw you hear that knock at your door the fatal response to all your little questions and taunts, you can test if you want but my ankles are anchored 20 feet deep i aint as soft as you thought homey, now peep we stay in touch with the streets we stay in touch with the beats we keep on touchin the weak cause they got nothin we need and when we exchange heat, we only bleed when we gotta bleed every man must concede you can't conceive what we gotta see all my clientele is hurtin' going through Hell and in the true underground you gotta know that turf well