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Tunnel Rats - Still Standing
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

I ain't the artist I'm the canvas
God painting the answer to the cancerous question of what's real
'cause hell hath no fure
a judge has no jury
that can stop me
ain't a label alive that can drop me
I've made up my mind I've fallen in line
Y'all need a delorian to travel through time to catch up
I'm already in the year
Two thousand and right there where youth watch is operational
And my occupation is full time inspirational/ administration/ song writer non biter all nighter who can keep the crowd liver than most
I roll with the Holy Ghost and a click of sick emcees with liquid tendencies on the mic
You could bang this through the speakers of your truck all night
I can't quit man I got no choice
I've been called to stand tall and be the prophets voice

Lets get down to business - watch me - handle it
My crew - handle it
Tunnel Rats - my crew handles business
I'm tellin you we stuck to the plan and we're still standing (2x)

I can name page after page of names of fallen emcees some I thought was much harder than me, it's hard to believe one's love for this can be discarded with ease none of my incidents can make me fall out and leave yo, i'm reminded every time that I breath I gotta succeed i'm moving on the fuel of a mustard seed (I trust the lead) aint sayin I never fell but i'm lost if I end up in Hell, but that aint me I see the quitters duke there they be now be aware they only aware of where they be it's hard to walk the straight and narrow with these size fifteens but still see my shoe prints right beside the King's, my blood spills right beside the King's I get light headed and I might start to lean but fear not, my foundation stay true cause i'm leanin on the cross and ain't never gonna move