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Tunnel Rats - We Just Roll Deep
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Man - I tried to tell them ain't no crew sicker
Rats removed the meter off the Richter
We had to stop the music to fuse the truth into the minds of the listener quicker
It's the unfolding of a mystery
History is being made before your ears
So brother don't fear sister stay clear
We had a good year
We ain't going no where

listen up griffin's up in the place i feel the need to bring the heat to ya face it ain't a thing but if you want we could compete for your place and see the title belt come off of ya waist you little disgrace

[Hook] Oooh! We love to come & lower the boom. We're hoping the spot got enough room
for us to bust because we brought a few new faces.
Haters boo whenever we come & lower the boom.
Still, we're hoping the spot got enough room
for us to bust because we just roll deep. Don't we?

Y'all betta relax, get yo' breathin' back where its suppose to
Bad to the bone to cuz I'm prone to, prone to, prone to
Step into a situation that fakes, had to look into the Father for Grace.
Now I'm askin betta yet demandin when the land get expandin, who go' come and standin

in just 4 bars let me take you to the stars
go ahead and catch your breath for effect here's a pause
tunnel rat timing ride rhythm real sick
fueled by passion our talent is thick

It's physics - energy continues to move through
But we flip it into a spiritual groove
Where the rule is Truth
Is the heat the Tunnel Rats transmit to you


all we do is look back, reminisce over wax and break beats, K-DAY, mixed tapes with raps and poetry, late nights at Unity, mc's the Good Life and Graveyard shift.........

it's a gift to grab the mike and gab for Christ don't venture t the dark if you lack the light you could loose your faith mybe even loose your place just let the Rats lead the race, the cats are soon to chase

If you don't mind, can I get a little bit of it?
I listen to the rhythm in the rhyme and
get in the middle of it, below it, & above it.
Too many are thinking I wasn't putting all my love in it,
pushing & shoving it, pulling it, tugging it, pubbin' it. You're in love with it because you hate it. You can't take it. Back to basics. I would've smacked you faceless but I'm not faithless. Homey I embrace it.