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LA Symphony - Spanish Hawthorne
(from the album Composition No. 1)
© copyright 1999

(Just in, Pigeon John and Flynn Adam Atkins arrived to Los Angeles from a rather intriguing stay in Harlem, New York, only to find out that long-time friend Joey Lawrence had been man-napped during yesterday’s annual Los ? track meet. The authorities have yet to find any clues leading to where Joey Lawrence is, leaving the news of his disappearance altogether frightening.)

Stepped out of the plane, in the sunshine rain/
Mind’s twisted and diluted in revenge and pain/
Why the heck they got to get my little Joey like that/
Don’t they know that LA Symphony ain’t keen on that/
I got the call up in the air from a voice real ill/
“Yo, we got Joey L and we want two mil”/
First shocked, the second wanted to ? rock/
Right up the ill cats from around the block/
Walk slow toward the exit in Terminal 6/
First thing I did was call Flynn to get things fixed/
(“They got Joe, round em up now)

Pick up the phone, Pigeon John was freaked/
Speaking with stress tones a story I’m not believing/
Decided the crew would rendezvous in Fox Hills/
Wasn’t sure what to do for a few hot bills/
I call Coy to inform our situation/
He’s just silent for a second, then with hesitation/
(“Yo dog, we can’t let these fools stop the rotation”)
Said he’d call Irisumi and ask for donations/
Delegated bTwice as source for transportation/
Eternal forerunner, Fishermen with baseball bats/
Bound to crack some skulls to get Boateng back/
And add boxes we united with the counterfeit stash/
(“Dude, this money is fake.” “I know it’s fake.” “It is not gonna work.” “It’s gonna work. It’s gonna work!”

We went to the East took that and now back/
Spanish Hawthorne is up on the map/
Why the heck they try to get my little Joey like that/
Don’t they know that LA Symphony ain’t keen on that/
We went to the East took that and now back/
Spanish Hawthorne/

Dipped into the parking lot half past six/
Feeling sick to the stomach of what the future depicts/
Spotted my Symph niggies below the Macy’s sign/
Eyes bloodshot and cold, grim, keen, and refined/
Step out of my Wildcat, slow motion connect/
Shook hands traded the words out of the moment’s respect/
Not a smile in sight, sucking away from a fight/
Nodded to Flynn to lay out the plan for the night/

Took the nod as a go, approached situation slow/
Said they have my man Joe in San Pedro/
Look past emotions then we got down to the plan/
Pigeon brought his briefcase and we layed hands/
(“Father God, please help us with the plan”)
I proceeded to inform the crew of all the specifics/
If we stick to the plans, the results will be terrific/
Passed out walkie-talkies and the water weapons/
Wouldn’t do a bit of damage, the Symph would just threaten/
UNO started fretting, Halieyoos second guessin/
(“Come on, yo, guys, give us a second”)
Swiftly stuffed the briefcase with Monopoly tender/
Spread Suey’s money over top and into the center/
We connected eye to eye, ready for all types of trouble/
Someone satisfied, we unified for a huddle/
(Ok, yo, ok, yo, break!)


Took my ? niggies round up on the plan/
Nine fine niggies crammed in the back of the van/
20 minutes till we hit the crest of the South Bay/
Niggin, how we gonna trick them in time to get away/
No time for that, we got to get my little Joey/
They said they would cut off his ear if they smelled the police/
The closer we get, the anger replaces the fear/
Then we reached our destination at the end of Winthrop pier/
We hopped out smooth, tricked out, moved serene/
My right hand held the briefcase filled with fake green/
There they stood, four of them in black, obviously packing/
Joey was tied up and gagged, I felt like attacking/
The tall one spit quick, “Give us the dough, you’ll get Joe.”/
Man I contact my crew, under my breath, said, “Here we go”/

Kenny D approached the four with stern sore faces/
The leader took briefcase and said, “Step back three paces.”/
He wasn’t letting Joey go, I know we could taste it/
Just then he pulled out pink bills from brief case bottom/
Soto went for his piece, but he had forgotten/
Pulled the trigger, only water was droppin/

Slow motion, four men in black in unison/
Whipped their guns out, pointed randomly to do a sin/
I fell to the ground, then I heard the shot sounds scream/
Looked up, saw Joey L in his very last dream/
Seems fake, all the blood, all rabble, it’s a scadaddle/
Bullets spraying out in the open like cattle, B got raddled/

I jumped under villains’ van, saw Jbeits crawling/
I turned my head around and witnessed bloody Stubby? bawling/
? ? ? ? to Most High, they were calling/
Another shot rang out and I saw Trendi M falling/

Not my niggie, he’s my man, Doc Low? is on solo/
Caught each others eyes just before he got cold/
Six shorts away from the bullet spay/
Where UNO Mas at, yo we gotta go and get away/
Right, left, look scene look shook/
Just then I saw my man UNO Mas sock this one niggie with the hook/
Oh Yes! Then he got blown in his chest/
Just then I noticed a villain get in his Corvette/
And there go Flynn heading the same direction as me/
Yelling, “Coy’s dead!” Then I see all three/
Hop in the car and split, turned around to our dismay/
We see that Joey wasn’t dead, we caught him driving away/