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LA Symphony - End Is Now
(from the album The End Is Now)
© copyright 2003

Why even try, Itís time to die/
To ? of myself is enough to defy/
Plots and plans of the next man and neighbor/
Itís all in the hands of a ? catch ?through? vapor/
Itís been on this boat, long enough to float/
Through hurricane winds and in the end still provoke/
Thoughts to actions, actions to limelight/
Iíve learned a few things, thatís the beauty of hindsight/
As much upfront as you possibly can/
A hand shaking other, but the shake of two hands/
Business is business and friends are friends/
Never mix the two, if you do, theyíre bound to end/
Sour notes ?for a sour songs/
Out of ? for hope, but I hope for the wrong/
See ? about the truth and the view that I trust/
So close to your dome, the wisdom discussed/

Who ?rant? the crowd, came to take a kingdom down/
You rule the wild, we about to run the town/
You running now, go ahead, hide yourself/
Hold your (pride?vibe?), weíll leave you with nothing else/
The end is now, the end is now/
The end is now, the end is now/
The end is now, the end is now/
The end is now, the end is now/

Itís guns and knives, itís tanks and bazookas/
Itís hand to hand combat, or just simply shoot ya/
Itís the principle, itís the wages of war/
Itís our ? battle, or to settle the score/
Itís no more words, itís fight till death/
Itís heavy breathing, till thereís no breath left/
Itís peace and rest, itís six feet deep/
Itís youíre only strong as your weakest link/ (Cut em)
Itís no time to think, go with your first line/
Itís too late to turn back, youíve crossed enemy lines/
Itís the climb of a lifetime, without a rope/
Itís no more notes, itís no more hope/
Itís to outgo the rest, itís majority rules/
Itís to be entertained by magicians and fools/
Itís the throne, the riches, the kingdom and jewels/
Itís the last man standing that won the duel/


I ainít even playing with these fools no more/
Kick down the closed door, teach em what a showís for/
No more, ?hoseĒ off, throw your hands up, nor/
Any one the partying junk weíre known for/
Just a core of emcees, ?aligned? for war/
When itís time for war, the crew that ainít signed no more/
The hungriest sharks in a sea of cutthroats/
The over?class?, throw you overboard, see if your butt floats/
And whether or not, the weather is hot/
Together we got the spot sown, leave your soul alone to rot/
Weíve been known to rock till the ceiling falls/
Sampson on these tracks will be seeing yaíll/
Itís the end of the line for you and your kind/
May I remind you of the crew who time and time/
Again shines, bringing the ruckus and end times/
Burn ten times faster than fat by enzymes/