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LA Symphony - Next
(from the album The End Is Now)
© copyright 2003

Whos next? Whos next? Whos next? Next?

You need to pump your brakes!
Got these fools dribbling over my game like its a dang drain/
Buddy, I make money and take money, its all the same/
All lame individuals, dont hate residuals/
You need to shut your mouth!
Dont get me woken, its two different things/
Its like rain and drought, its like feign and doubt/
Its like ?? Murdering ? ? ?/
Whos next?

Rob grace, smell good, find a seat keeper/
Dont play hide and seek, so call me a player hater/
Dope rhyme-sayer, its for what Im known/
A heart ? ? ?, like kidney stones/
Get your own, nobody wears my gleam/
Trying to steal my theme like the Fonz did James Dean/
Young, black, and lean, similar to guitar string/
With my fingers I can make ?seats? of paper sing/

PJ all day/
Got these pretty bitties and screaming its ok/
Baby, its alright, daddys back/
About to smack those whack/
And ask whos next/

Next, whos next, whos next/
Whos next, whos next/
Whos next, whos next/
Whos next, whos next/
Whos next, whos next/
Whos next, whos next/
Whos next, whos next, whos/

FLYNN: (me)
And whos next to feel the rain of attack/
And whos next to feel the pain of a death/
Whos next to live life, next to get a wife/
Next to sell out, next to lose their sight/
Next to dismiss, then eventually get dissed/
Open their mouth without an element of risk/
Next to sign another whack contract/
And walk under a ladder, in front of a black cat/


Its my time to shine/
I gotta scratch and snatch up mine/
Time after, I rip tracks and spit disasters/
I pass nerds trying to act like your pastor/
React more like a possessed man in plaster/
My raps score more than fly eligible bachelors/
Copy cats styles and still Im paging this chapter/
Forever finding fans, but in fact Im no actor/
Realest emcees, when in comes to these words, Im the factor/

Wake up, wash up, brush yo teeth/
Got caught in sleep and your raps just stink/
Coming up against me, what did you think/
That I would just stand there, wouldnt even blink/
Thats why you dead wrong, and Im alive right/
Still breathing for more rhymes to recite/
Like advance on Jaybees, you just got checked/
Lets have a moment of silence for whoevers up next/