Show Lyrics

LA Symphony - Put Up or Shut Up
(from the album Disappear Here)
© copyright 2005

(Yo, this goes to you, you, you, him, they, him, her, him, she, whoever. Whether you vote, ?what known? it is, say what you gotta say, get it out. Donít be complaining, cause ainít nobody listening to you if you ainít saying nothing. Be heard, speak up)

Never hold it, your tongue that is/
Speak on it, tell like it is/
On the ears of the deaf, let your words live/
A piece of your mind with thoughts in side give/

And don't forget to live like this could be your last/
Dance, chance, or written paragraph/
So push the pedal to the metal, rock medallions if you wish/
Just never underestimate the effects of death's kiss/

Leather bracelet on my wrist, fist bald up tight/
Ready to fight the power to uphold my rights/
Speak strong like Malcolm, Martin Luther, and Fredrick/
End up on the triple K's next to hang list/
I say this with force blow a grown man down/
With two hands tearing down barriers of sound/
Let the truth be found through book and voice told/
As stone in raging water on your word stand bold

Put or shut up, lay down or get up/
Push on, stand strong or give up/
Say what you feel or don't say nothing/
Just know that nothing will produce something (2x)

Anything can be said, it's all in your approach/
Grace is the key and it's never used by most/
Neither is wisdom, we prefer to stay dumb/
Entertained by idiots, and we just praise them

Think or say them, good or bad words/
Don't say nothing, you'll never be heard/
Speak your own words, not his and hers/
Youíre just another mocking bird, repeating what's heard/

Hey I'm an oddball, a freak, an artist, a misfit/
I stand out like a giant in a room full of midgets/
I travel as a nomad where music is my trade/
And rock in spots you've never heard and chart in CMJ/
But at least I'm living outside the Matrix/
Doing what I love even though I haven't made it/
I'm faithful with the little, yes you reap what you sow/
So here's another flyer, uh huh, another show


Donít be intimidated, fools try to act hard/
Or cater to crybabies whoís emotionally scared/
Manipulating situations, acting impatient/
Put you in a corner, pointing fingers in your face/
And saying anything just to get their way/
Switching they pitch up, man you canít trick me/
Roll your eyes, pout, cry, throw a fit, like youíre two/
I say what needs to be said even if its mean to you/