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LA Symphony - Money Song
(from the album Disappear Here)
© copyright 2005

I need money, but not just for me but for the fam/
If I donít bring home the bacon, yaíll say I ainít the man/
Jehovah Jirah, Heís the great I Am/
And Iíve been praying and believing for three hundred grand/
Iím great with the pen, but I suck with plan/
My money running out like some cheating husband/
Iím so broke and dope, Iím a great has-been/
Iím a crying man trying to find fifteen cents

You could be as good as the best of them, or as bad as the worst/
You could be bronze and broke or platinum and still thirst/
You could be perceived as successful with a Pentium brain/
Signing your name for the fans without a penny to your name/
You know how I know? Thatís where I stay everyday/
Donít know whether to sit, stand, or run away/
Should I pray, put my gun away, or get thugged out/
Jesus or Gís up, these thoughts got me bugged out.

Now here we go again, the usual predicament/
No means to an end, the debt I canít get rid of it/
A money song again? Canít you pick a different subject?/
When it comes to being broke, itís the usual suspects/ (2x)

I can't borrow a dollar without payin back seven/
I'm worth more dead than alive cause at least I'm in heaven/
And everything you hear about in songs I don't possess/
Cause truth rests in my chest and won't let me invest/
In anything counterfeit, contrived, or pretentious/
Or happens to jive with this world's consensus/
I'm an odd man out, trying to break even/
Stuck in the negative for positive believin'

Chasing the all mighty dollar sign, still way far behind/
Stay in the house, cash flow affect my hang time/
Exchange rhymes with customers, getting CD's signed/
My signature will cost you a hundred dimes/
One for the mind, how about one for my pocket?/
One hundred grand crammed hard in my wallet/
Any form of wealth it seems I just don't got it/
Never have, so I guess that I can just do without it/

The more that some things change, the more they'll stay the same/
You can claim a little fame, but youíre still losing the game/
What's it cost to build a name, living broke as a joke/
I need a permanent vacation like a pig in a polk/
To invoke a state of mind that's as free as a bird/
But I'ma live in downtown just a part of the herd/
It's like Groundhogs Day and I've done seen it before/
So God you've got's to help me, I can't take it no more


(Itís the Money Song, yaíll. Put a dollar in the sky. Another money song, yaíll. Buy low, sell high. Itís the Money Song, yaíll. Yes itís time to sell out. Another money song yaíll. Borrow a dollar to bail out.) (2x)