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LA Symphony - Give
(from the album Disappear Here)
© copyright 2005

Everybody needs somebody to love/
Not only a mate but a father or mother to hug/
A little cousin or a brother to slug/
A good friend thatís door is always open and will never feel bugged/
If you give than you shall receive/
So let your shoulder be the one they cry on and as their tears hit your sleeve/
Believe when youíre in need your gonna reap from that seed/
So you wont be alone in good health or disease/
God so loved the world he sent his Son down to bleed/
And if I never share this than what is it to me/
Empty words and a great tragedy/
But its worth so much more to me and my family/

Whatís the point of a song If you sing it all alone/
Whatís the point of life If you only livin on your own/
Thereís a song waiting to be sung, And a life thatís here to live/
The only way to have them both Is for you to freely give/

Life is like a door that you open in and out/
It's as quiet as a mouse or a loud as a shout/
It's the person deep within no matter what type of skin/
It's the influence on others like the ones you let in/
To share a thought or a gift, death and life is in a voice/
The plan for your soul is the next man's choice/
Some know the truth but hide it like they're scared to get poor/
We're in a world full of hurt we can't afford to ignore/
Whether you're good at public speakin' or rappin' over these beats/
If you catch more air than Kobe gettin' people out they seats/
It's unique, no one else has been given what you got/
And a gift is only good when we use it a lot/


October 16th, í04 the day I dreaded/
The family and I in suit and tie, church headed/
To pay my final respects to my father/
Heart heavy, eyes bloodshot red and filled with water/
As I stand to briefly speak, for a moment I was hushed/
To look across the sanctuary at the lives that he touched/
400 plus, that day in attendance/
Caused me to think about my selfish ways with repentance/
As I sit and write this sentence, the things I remember most/
The love language of givin that he spoke, and folks/
Donít remember his career or the acquiring of wealth/
More than the things he did for people that are other than himself/