Show Lyrics

LA Symphony - Less Than Zero
(from the album Disappear Here)
© copyright 2005

FLYNN: (No joke. Yo)
It's a dog eat dog, piranha’s eat shark/
Might as well quit before you even start/
They say it's who you know where these dreams are sold/
Bought by bankrolls backed by fool's gold/
Masses head west to Los Angeles/
Told they were the best back in they little nest/
Somewhere, nowhere, but not from here/
Once they arrive ambition meets with fear/
Insecurities change smiles to more denial/
Only constant is no, struggles and trial/
It's a long road to the top of nothing/
No morals, no friends, just a love for something/
Never to be attained it drains the soul dry/
Under a bridge downtown the soul cry/
Feeling like the city is all you really have/
But when you take a look back - that's really sad/

In L.A. things don't always work out quite like they should/
(Where I stay) (seems like dreams might get shattered) (this cut throat world is no joke)/
In L.A. things don't always work out quite like they should/
(Where i stay) (this cut throat world is no joke) (seen more ups and downs than speedboats)/

Young, dumb, and sprung on fantasy/
Wants nothing more then to escape reality/
Needs them badly- glitz, glamour, and fame/
Eyes set on neon lights illuminating her name/
Wearing shame like an over coat, awkward and obvious/
Did porn for cash, so tasteless and artless/
Welcomes the darkness, turns out the lights/
Got geeked out by LA's night life/
Not one things right every things gone wrong/
Supposed to be an actress not dancing in a thong/
Snorting coke line's long heroin in her arms/
Touching parts of men that she laps dance on/
There's no quiet to her storm forever it roars loud/
Every single day wishing she was a child/
Swearing to make the family proud, start over new/
Pushing 50 she figured she'd have her breakthrough/


There’s gotta be more than this: big gain big risk/
The bold and the beautiful young and reckless/
The Hollywood dream- heroin on Santa Fe/
The rich and the poor live a few blocks away/
And it’s all in Los Angeles, home of the schemes/
Where the rich get richer trying to sell you a dream/
Young girl self esteem falls prey to the scene/
Young thin sex symbols is all she’s seen/
And that all he expects, nothing more nothing less/
New car, clean shoes, gotta stay well dressed/
He needs the best of the best to compete with rest/
His pastors on 22’s Mercedes 500 S/
They say you’ve gone Hollywood, the saying stand true/
Cause if you live in L.A. you might loose a piece of you/
Innocence isn’t something to have/
It cant last in a city that requires a mask.