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LA Symphony - Rise
(from the album Disappear Here)
© copyright 2005

There’s a passion inside, there’s a sound in my mind/
That I always gotta get out and free/
In a room full of dudes who was older than me/
I was just young and naïve, I’m just a passive mc/
Who was happy to be in a crew who could see some potential in me/
And eventually we’d disagree on the beats/
And the raps and the lives that we lead/
But in between we’d live out our dream until the third scene/
Where they steal our hope our record deal and our self esteem/
Two years of my life I’m depressed and mean/
Not only pray about this mess I obsess and feen/
And start questioning why I cant get no green/
Why J want to leave the team/
Why they don’t put out the record or just give us free/
Why we gotta start all over dope but minus three/

I guess we now know how Job felt/
With the whole load of the world on his shoulders and no help/
Tryin’ to make a comeback but life hits below belt/
Low blows UNO felt at Flevo wit no health/
Never would’a dreamed that the team’s minus one/
While my man’s in the bed thinking that his time is done/
Now it’s time to run, and my daddy dearest now falls/
But I still hear the call in my ear never stall/
And I can’t stop, won’t stop/
Through blood, sweat, and teardrop/
Rise to the top of the heap got a clear shot/
And I’ma take it, make it big, in spite of all the negatives/
The Symph some of the greatest kids, and I will wear the latest kicks/ Fitting ending, though the means have been mean/
We will blow up the scene, wearing t-shirts and jeans/
And we’ll finally have cream with the joy in our hearts/
Cause the adverse effects only advance the dream/

Who would’a known that the five alone/
Could’a toured and survived off the vibe alone/
In survival mode, they kept holdin on/
In this Babylon they kept growing strong/
…and now they Rise up…you can believe we/
Do what…we gotta do to Move up…to the head of the class/
To the top of the game for the love and fame we… Rise…

It's like blastoff, and off in space we go/
And where this spaceship stops only God seems to know/
Hey, yo I do this for my people, my sisters, my bros,/
My future, my now, my memories that flow/
It's like a fountain on a mountain, majestic and fresh/
Spilling and filling, abundant in depth/
It's so glorious, magnificent, triumphant and blessed/
See we five rise to comprise the life of L.A.S./

All by myself trying to find myself/
I was all alone couldn't find no help/
Didn't want to feel the pain that I felt/
Didn't wanna hold the cards I been dealt/
Thank God for my health, family, and friends/
These are the people that are there in the end/
There's been a change within I'm smiling again/
Can't hold a grudge gotta go and make amends/
Giving in to my anger, can't be good/
Far from a thug, I was born in the hood/
Daddy could but he didn't try to pick me up/
Mommy got hooked on crack and we split up/
Times we're tough family love smothered things/
Grama's faith over shadowed all my doubts/
A mouth filled with madness saying dumb things/
Life pass eighteen was only just a dream/


It was August thirty first when I started fellin' ill/
Couldn’t stand, couldn’t walk as I felt a cold chill/
Down my spine as the needle broke skin and went in/
Thought this was a battle that I wasn’t gonna win/
Two months in my life changed everything I knew/
Stared death in the face and got love from my crew/
As I lay all alone in a room feeling cold/
Got scars on my arms, getting fed through a tube/
And I knew what to do had to keep hope alive/
In the midst of it all yeah I knew I would survive/
Even when they put me out, and they took out the pain/
Said there was a slight chance that I might not remain/
But I wasn’t hearing that, put my life in God's hands/
Just a test of my faith cuz I know he has plans/
And I gotta understand what's the reason for those days/
A new sense of purpose and a chance to give praise/