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LA Symphony - Gonna Be Alright
(from the album The End Is Now)
© copyright 2003

(This goes out to any of y'all that've ever lost your job before. Yo. This goes out to anyone that just broke up with their significant other; it's gonna be alright now.)

Everything's gonna be alright, gonna be alright, gonna be ok. Hey! (x4)
Everything's gonna be alright (repeat)

What's the scenario? Check the rhyme. Dope emcee kinda hard to find
Get your hand outa my pocket, that there is mine
Ain't no cloud gonna rain on my sunshine
I wanna grind against time, never getting older
The very first chip on my shoulder
Got a money folder, making green
Sharlok Poems – doing real big things

The thinking mind that never ceases to phase
And amaze, lifting my people from the dirt and the haze
Take my place, leaving a trace of verbal accuracy
You can see I'm number one and all them come after me

Goin’ over the mountains and straight through the woods
Down the snobbiest streets and in the most dangerous hoods
All people got problems, situations ain't good
But y'all gonna see better days like I know y'all should


Brand new day, brand new way, happy day, I say
Sharlok P, L.A. Symphony. Yeah, that's right we on our way
Movin on up like elevators, wave bye-bye to all the haters
I ain't got time, see you later. I know all y'all gonna catch the vapors

I be untamed and unclaimed under the name
Of the Main of the Most High, from the coast down to the left where I came
And I'm far from top to bottom, head to toe with the flow
?Pacing High? Let them ride and we gon give you some more

Joey the Jerk is in the place, L.A. Symph is the crew
God bless Africa, Australia, too
North and South America, Europe, and Asia
The Arctic Caps and Middle East is in our prayers

Stocks go high, stocks go low
Either way it goes, clocks still flow
Seconds shape minutes, minutes become hours and that's a fact
Whether in a Toyota Corolla or black Cadiallac
CTX, We the best and that is that