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LA Symphony - Universal
(from the album Disappear Here)
© copyright 2005

(Get 'em up yaíll. Get 'em up ya'll. This ones for all ya'll hands high ya'll) (2x)
Soul snatching threw the boom box (Hip-hop)
Shook the world every ghetto up rocked (Up rock)
Rebel art fist raised and head bobbing
Beat boxing on beat street to beats knocking
Planet rocking, rock rock rock rock on
Art form for the poor, hungry, broken, and strong
The song of the voiceless will forever be heard
Over beat breaks on every landscape that's word

Iím saying no. I was just in ?
Yo, seeing this kid with an L.A. Symph shirt and some Pumas
Yeah man, way out in Japan
They be rocking like ?? skateboards in their hands
Man, rap made an impact all over the world
Enabled me to make these stacks and mac to these girls
But I also drop pearls, jewels, and jems
Cause itís more than just guns, swimming pools, and rims

Universal- takin' this around the world
Universal- from the nerds to the valley girls
Universal- from the cornfields to the barber shop
And gritty city streets and the Bama boondocks
Universal- takin' this all over the globe
Universal- to places that you don't even know
Universal- London, Japan, and Amsterdam
It's taken over the world and wasn't even planned

From ghettoes to suburbs, east, west, to worldwide
New York ghetto child and Puerto Rican wild style
Japanese, each knee, every country mic check
And through the internet, man, we all straight connect
The ones who love the culture, donít abuse, show respect
Thirty years of evolution and it ainít finished yet
Cause the freedom of expression is the soul of hip-hop
It speaks every language, so itís never gon stop

They say nothing is sacred and nothing is pure
That point is taken as they're raking manure
Muddied with a message of money and self-hate
It seems so sacrilegious to even resuscitate
A definition of music as a voice of a people
Cause right about now it's advertising the illegal
As elite and the feat is just to catch up
Get shot a hundred times and put a platinum plaque up


Some say they used to love her adored like a single mother
A phase in your college days, the sound of the summer
Made timberland Tommy Girbaud and Kangol
Influenced the thanks to Arsenio

FromíaÖL.A. Symphony, to De La Soul
Whether itís Cíest La Vie or say no go
We play the role of global earlobe patrol
Unload on different continents, and reap the mother load
For audiences in Rome, where the peeps like to dance
In the clubs in Long Beach where they crease they pants
Weíve seen peace advance, while some beef still stands
Healthy competitionís good as they clap they haaaaands!!!!!

The genius of music the joy it brings
A childís innocent smile, their hopes and dreams
A better tomorrow, a better today
Little nod that says whatís up when you on your way (is)
Is universal