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LA Symphony - Dance Like
(from the album Disappear Here)
© copyright 2005

We gonna dance like we've never danced
Move like we've never moved
Groove like we've never grooved
Do what we never do then stop
Then stop (2x)

Iím screaming peace in the Middle East, pray for the soldiers
Do your little dance then brush of your shoulder
Open up, feel the sunshine, then nod
Smile for the camera, little man, good job
I donít want a Heineken, call me a snob
Iím cool on the green, that will land me in Oz
So sick with this style Iím still doing the rog
My flow come together like a temper collage
Move like DeBarge in 82
And ooh you like the way the Symph crew come through brand new
Iím fresh every year that you play these hits
Possessing every ear like a hypnotist


And like fine wine, we getting better every time
We step to a stage, studio, or dotted line
So now we smilin' at the haters and fakers
Old labels, managers, and rent takers
We learned to laugh in the face of adversity
Some things happen you just can't take personally
It's all good, we keep our heads up high
Repiní L.A.S. til the day we die

Ya'll want murder and mayhem, sex and drugs
Hooligans, Crips, hoes, pimps, and thugs
X's and lines across peace and love
Try to give a hug and receive a shove
It ain't what it was, they don't dance they shoot
It ain't about the heart, it's about the loot
Playing gansta in the booth, talking ice and guns
Sixteen tracks of this, all ya'll sound dumb


Iím like Doc Oc with a new concoction that rocks
Shock your cities future people constantly watch
Like neighborhood wish your neighbors could
Sample flavors. Wood
Generated good from the crew that came to save your hood
On our best behavior later while out with our wives
Take a trip to different cities, have the time of our lives
As we strive for innovation, L.A. started all this
The Symphony blazed all the trails and took risks and you bit
But itís coolÖWe about to just write a new hit
Start a fight with the whole industry by makiní music
That makes you move quick.
Do it like when Tape Decks dropped
Fake heads of labels bit the shake and bake. Letís stop!!!