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K-Drama - Preamble
(from the album Non-Fiction: Beneath the Surface)
© copyright 2001

Attention, I bring a fix which get you high without drugs/
Blaze up more than smokey, and bring heat without the slugs/
This is for you who do not even see the street corner thugs/
This is for you in poverty, on your rugs lay roaches and bugs/
I put my lyrics on display like pictures and frames/
I take the word and rap, go hand and hand like pendants and chains/
I talk about my joys, my ups and downs, my struggles and pain/
And like a mother having twins, leave somebody born again/
Kids imitate what they see, i can put that on my bank/
It's like an exercising tape, and my name is Billy Blanks/
And my rhymes are like routines, and they strengthen the inner man/
You do what I do, what God does, b/c i follow his plan/
If you rehearse my words while listening, your speaking my father's insight/
He injects my soul, and i inject the world with His words that i write/
I speak of me b/c the only Christ some people see is in me/
So i speak that other's may follow, instead of living sinfully/
Feel my joy, feel my pain, feel the words that i speak/
My intentions are to encourage the strong and strengthen the weak/
To be a paradigm to the masses, for those who don't know/
I'm represented by my thoughts, words, and deeds, in life i let it show/
Close your eyes and envision my lyrics just like a picture/
that's worth 1 thousand messages, full of trial, error, and scripture/
I'm a man just like you, that's why my style's universal/
Tide rises Tide falls, i'm equal to you, all aspects are the same like a circle/
Beats are my platform to gear man to admiration/
Have em bouncin', gettin' crunk, get buck in all locations/
In the 4 corners of the nation from the church to the school/
From the country to the street, from the Nati to the Middle East/
Bring salvation to the unsaved, encouragement to the saved, & glory 2 God/
In life i'm parralel to Moses, leading people out of bondage with the rod/
If you think i'm in this for bank, then playa you don't know my goal/
Man, i'm in it to win it/ i'm doing this for the souls/