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K-Drama - Chronicles
(from the album Non-Fiction: Beneath the Surface)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1
As I explore the molecular foundations of my mental faculties/
I examine my thought-process & what my future could be/
Iím 18 years old, soon Iíll be out of the high/
I wonder what college Iíll be going to or will I apply?/
Or will I blow up before I step foot in a university/
I wonder what God has in store, Iíll wait and see where heíll take me/
Where will I be, where will I go, how will it come to past/
The journey of 1 million miles, canít prophesize the time with an hour glass/
How will the people treat me, what will I go through/
How come God chose me, why was I one of the few/
How come I was born in this lifetime & raised by these parents/
How come I wasnít born in the future, past or present/
How come Iím black and not white, or a pure African/
Or someone who lives in Venuzuela, speaking like a hispanian(Hispanic)/
I got off subject, now back to the point, I wonder where Iíll be/
I thank Christ for what my life is and I ponder this constantly/

Where will I be in ten years, where will I be in twenty/
Only God can bless, curse, give or take away from me/
Life is mysterious, leaves me so curious/
I hope you feel these words cause this subject is so serious/
(Repeat 1 time)

Verse 2
What kind of people will I encounter in life?/
Mentors and wise men, who will tell me to soar to great heights/
And those that hate me, and say that I wonít succeed/
But when I make it, they be all up on me, now they take heed/
Will I get engaged, and if so, who will I marry/
A virtuous woman Iíll take for a wife, each others love weíll carry/
I hope my great grandparents live to see my dreams fulfilled/
I hope I rescue my friends out the hood before they get killed/
As my mind wonders I think about how Iíll give God glory/
Sitting at a teen summit telling my sinnerís story/
Itíll be weird when everybodyís riding, bumping K-Drama/
And one day at the best of restaurants, chilling with my mama/
Everydayís a new day, and I wonder where Iíll be/
Only God knows right now, Iíll just have to wait & see/

ÖÖÖ..And then I say to myself


Verse 3
When they make my documentary, what will it say/
And Iím 60 years old and they brag about how I hustled in my day/
Will I be a mentor, a hero, a role-model/
Who knows, you might see my face on a coca-cola bottle/
How many albums will I release, what will be my greatest work of art/
What will make me known as Godís child, what will set me apart/
When Iím on rap city with Big Tigga, what will I say in my freestyle/
Where will I travel to, what countryís and how many miles/
How long will I live, will I die a peaceful death/
And when I die, riches for 3 generations is what I left/
Who will use me for my service, in life, what is my purpose/
I know whatever I do, my timely investment, itíll be worth it/
And when I die or rise I wonder what heaven will be like/
Seeing people from Moses to Martin Luthur King and all the people who lived right/

Where there is no sin, hurt or pain and the light is never dim/
And then Iíll start these questions over and have 1 million questions to ask him/