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Grits - Screen door
(from the album Mental Releases)

1st Verse

In front of me is blockage, the shade stops the rays from blinding my sight from the truth as I gaze...
Amazing as it seems as I gaze through the glass

appealing to my eye the other side reveals... The evil men do collecting loot in pursuit of happiness
and peace for momentary release of pressure cooking brain cavity could it be conviction as my
diction lashes fate... They eat from the plate of indecisiveness lost in the wilderness of pleasure
ignorant of the measure, of judgment that lies when the end is here and the end is near beware (I
hear the steps of a thief)... I'm about to break you of a little taste of discipline in its rarest form are
you listening Christian men... For those who have the ear for conception of this statement you'll
understand when I'm gone and through... Tell me why you stare instead of winning souls wasting
precious time living on your own, remember if you can my final thought imposed I rebuke those who
glare through the screen remaining closed.


2nd Verse

On the opposite is everything really fine as wine... Looks can be deceiving as the evening winds
down... Sublime sounds pierce the night air like the moonlight... Buffoons fight on the corner,
territorial disputes erupting... Occasionally a pimp might slap a ho... Do I really desire to act a fool
with these bros... Uh - pros and cons are weighed, afraid but proceeding... Still, I pounce into the
melee' while my savior's eyes are bleeding... Something takes control, covers up the hole just so
Cof. won't fall in... Thank God cuz I was all in, good lookin' out to take time to save my soul... From
this point forward, screen doors remain closed...