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K-Drama - Cin-city
(from the album Non-Fiction: Beneath the Surface)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1
Iím not from New York, LA, or STL, new home of Air Force 1ís/
Iím from the Nati where if you see the boys(police), please donít run/
Where hood dreams are to make it out the hood, copp a crib and Ferrari/
And where too many fights break out, so they always shut down the party/
Home of the Bearcats & Cincinnati Reds/
Also home of the tre 8 thatíll leave dudes in Cincinnati red that they bled/
Where crews hit dudes and most stories we donít get to view/
B/c most homicides donít make the news/
I live in Cin-City where folk canít be quite/
So it takes rubber bullets and the National Guard to keep us silent from the riots/
I learn something in my history books/
My city use to be like Harlem, but now itís overlooked/
We was called Queen City, your needs was supplied by us/
We gave birth to the royals, underground railroad, had activities from dawn til dusk/
But all thatís gone/
But Iímma restore my city and bring it back to where it belongs/

Iím from that C-i-n, C-i-n, n-a-t-i/
This is my hometown, Iímma rep it til I die/
My territory, this is where I need to be/
I canít leave, I must stay, for my people need me/
(repeat 1x)

Verse 2
See Iíll go to the ghettos, send me to the slums/
So I can kick knowledge over treble and hip-hop drums/
You can find me on the block, icy jacket and Timbs/
Reppiní Cincy, the only letter youíll glance is C on my brim/
Iímma soon make some investments, decorate ya pavement/
And when weíre done the USA will look at us in amazement/
The people come up the K, ask me to put us on the map/
Iíll go the extra mile to win emí over, bring emí back/
Our colors are red & white, symbolizes blood & glory/
This ainít no tragedy, a great ending will conclude this story/
And weíll be victorious and celebrate like in the endzone on Sunday/
And then weíll do our dance, the Nasty Natiís own, down the way/
Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!!
Hold your city up high, represent where you from/
Iím from that 513 and we as hard as they come/


Verse 3
Iím from that C-i-n times 2, N-a-t-i/
If you ask me where Iím from, thatíll be my reply/
A lot of people, all they look at is the negative/
But if you ask me Iíll say, ďThis is the place to live.Ē
See, ďI love my city!!!!Ē This is my 1st home/
Itís time to start somethiní, and uh, let it be known/
In the Nati we bout to start a revolution/
The place that everybody talks about, that C-I-n/
That city that made headlines on CNN/
Zone 15, the hood where almost everybodyís kin/
K-Heights, E-Town, Down the Way, Brick City/
C-Hills, Walnut Hills, Roselawn, Mt. Healthy/
Bond Hill, Madville, Western Hills, Northside/
Clifton, Mt. Auburn, A-1, Lets ride/
Woodlawn, F-Park, Springdale, let us come together/
Make it through this weather and make our city better/