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K-Drama - Nonfiction
(from the album Non-Fiction: Beneath the Surface)
© copyright 2001

Let's start a riot up in Cincinnati, but i ain't talkin' bout physical/
Most rapper's are mentally challenged, but i challenge the mental/
My rhymes are sequencial, brought to life by a pad and a pencil/
can't cast my pearls to the swine b/c my rhymes are sentimental/
My rhymes are not temporary, trends, a lease, or a rental/
Cause what i speak is the way, the truth, the life, so my rhymes are eternal/
Words are like fire shut up in your bones, so my rhymes are infernal/
I keep with the times, so i stay on track like a journal/
They can't push my lyrical weight, they can't even lift my bars/
Cuz they rap to get paid, so they rap about the rims on their cars/
the house they live in, the guns they cock, the girls they copped/
the organized street crime and how they slang weed and rocks/
they rap to get paid, but i paid my dues/
i gave my life to Christ, now i tell folk, you either choose or refuse/
and if you choose to refuse, you choose to lose/
this is the truth, the Bible's proof, that's all i spit in the booth/

Non-Fiction, true to life, factual/
I don't spit made up tales, i spit what's actual/
Non-Fiction, i take the approach to explore the core/
what's being ignored and bring it to the Forefront

I'm the 1 with Hot Bars, from almighty God i get Hot Bars/
I ain't a deacon, i'mma rapper, so i spit Hot Bars/
I ain't trying to be the hardest, i'm just trying to be hard/
So i can captivate an audience and this garbage, they'll disregard/
This is the truth, in my terms, it's called "Non-Fiction"/
If you tired of hearing the same ol', same ol', i suggest that you pay attn./
too many rappers spittin' murder over beats/
too many christian rappers rap too soft, their lyrics just ain't concrete/
A lot of souls searching, trying to find the truth/
Most ain't on foolishness, their looking for the truth with proof/
But most are ignorant to the fact that the truth's in the Word/
A lot of folk hurting on that block, while they flip birds on the curve/
Most don't realize what separates man from God is sin/
Without him, our life-lines are more thin than the strings on a violin/
so as i preach this rapid fire, my source don't come from Liars/
I preach what's Higher, so that sinful nature retires/

Non-Fiction, true to life, factual/
i don't spit made up tales, i spit what's actual/
Non-fiction, i take the approach to explore the core/
what's being ignored, and bring it to the forefront/