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K-Drama - Our Time
(from the album Non-Fiction: Beneath the Surface)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1
Y'all had y'all time to speak, now lend your ears and make way to the father/
Cuz we all need to humble ourselves & make change like a dollar/
And when he gets a hold of you, he ain't Harry, but he's the Potter/
He will cleanse your heart out, and make you clearer than tap water/
K-Drama, same sig(signature), still reppin' the name/
T.H.I.S. Click is what I'm a part of, and Christ is still what I claim/
His name will mold ya thoughts, it'll cut through your veins/
The Word is like a bullet to the head, it'll rearrange your brain/
I'm tired of sitting in the backseat, time to get up on the wheel/
And drive us to the next destination and make the whole world feel/
I'm like a pusher, but I don't serve mixtures, serve em plates/
Call me a waiter cause what I serve is so good I'll send you home with crates/
Y'all don't think we'll get it crunk, well hearing is believing/
Yeah y'all like my 1st al(album), "Threat 2 Society," that was just preseason/
Cause I've been in training, molding my skills, perfecting my rhymes/
Turn up the beats on the 15's.......

It's Our Time (It's our Time!!!!)Their ain't no time to be playing/
Time is running out in this game, You hear what I'm saying/
It's Our Time (It's our Time!!!!) Their ain't no time to be playing/
Warning, ain't no time for procrastinating

(repeat chorus)

Verse 2
I preach to a worldwide congregation, I don't just preach to the pews/
I preach to the block/ with rhymes that'll wake you up like gunshots/
Now y'all say, "Pass the Weed," well i say "Pass the mic."/
Take the highest light, ignite the mic for Christ and lead them to the right/
Rip rhymes like a m.c. rips paper out a notebook/
b/c he's gettin' agitated b/c he can't write the right hook/
With Jehovah Jiri, I got more hooks than a fishing rod/
I take that, connect the prey, and wheel em to God/
Leave ya mind joggin' like you was in a marathon/
and everytime you spin this disk, your carrying the baton/
That tells the whole wide world to leave the ghetto Taliban/
Drop the Koran b/c Jesus Word is bond/
These fold wanna know how to get out bondage/
On this c.d. I drop knowledge that you can't learn in college/
True theocratic doctrine and this ain't up for debate/
Anything contrary is like ice on your geniva, it's fake/


verse 3
So many stereotypical views, time to silence the critics/
I may not silence em all, but i'll silence most when i spit it/
I spit Christ, but still got rhymes that Mariah can't Carry/
It's my time, I run this and leave em quiet like they was in a library/
They expected me to rhyme over church style beats/
And only in sanctuaries where seniors clap in their seats/
But naw I spit in the ghetto where the ceilings leak/
And hit the streets, bring volume to beats, and serve em with heat/
I ain't talking bout a 9(millameter), and I ain't concerned about 20's(rims)/
I hit em up with 48 bars that'll light up ya cars/Light up ya jeeps/
hoping to bring strength to the weak/
And nobody serving where folk need to be served, so the streets need to be sweeped/
I go where new drugs are tested on fiends like lab rats/
and they so messed up they high goes up and down like NasDaq/
They ain't gonna come up to me, so i'll go where they at/
And like an unwanted present with the receipt, we gonna take em back/