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K-Drama - Spoken
(from the album Non-Fiction: Beneath the Surface)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1
My brothers and sisters, please be quick to hear and slow to speak,
For I have been sent to share my wisdom and make the unfinished complete
I've been through conflict, trial confusion to obtain what I know,
That's why I've been chosen to serve Biblical philosophy when I flow
People in this world do not really know what they feel,
Cause if they knew what they feel they would act on what's real.
Then they wouldn't be in the situation their in,
Overtaking by sin, navigating in dejavu again.
A fool proudly mocks the wise out in the open,
But in secret does what the wise do, actions outspoken
For a greedy man to give, his neck will be choken,
But a man of integrity can change his atmosphere with one token,
The one that doesn't boast shall make history while applying,
But the one who's proud and brags will certainly die trying
A man who plots in secret is obvious to the wise
And never in this life can the wise be despised by lies

Verse 2

The journey of 1,000 miles must start with its 1st step.
It's uncommon for one to make major over night and develop a rep
The one who struggles but endures will prevail,
For the harder the wind blows, the higher you will fly, and you will never fail
Live everyday like it's your last and accomplish your dreams
You may not wake up to see tomorrow, no matter how beautiful life seems
If you sow no seed, then you will reap no crop,
But if you sow 1 seed, you harvest a field and lack not,
You look in the mirror & you see yourself, but yet you act like someone else. If you're too busy being someone else, then who's being you.
Don't let others define who you are & the things that you do
Cause if you do you live a lie and your whole persona isn't true
A trailblazer leaves a legacy and forever on earth it shall last,
But a follower's footsteps in the dirt leave no trace of a path
Do what God tells you to do before you follow man,
Because man wants you to do one thing, but God may have a different plan
Verse 3

Do not always dig deep to find the root of false-hood
The one closest to you may deceive you cause their intentions aren't good
Remember Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss on his cheek,
It may happen to you if you are weak and the truth you do not seek
Chances are the person who you engage with to talk about others
Is probably talking about you and they got you well covered
Who's slow to anger has great understanding,
But one who has a hasty temper exalts folly, foolishly standing
A soft answer puts away grief, turns away wrath,
But grievous words stir up anger, leading down the wrong path
The wise do what they can to prevent conflict,
But a fool produces strife and makes a scene or event
A wise man cannot be controlled by another person,
But a fool is controlled by environmental actions, now who is he serving?
Now, as I put this to a close, I hope I fixed the broken,
Nonfiction, K-Drama, da philosopher has spoken