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K-Drama - Worthy
(from the album Non-Fiction: Beneath the Surface)
© copyright 2001

Iím not flawless, in this lifetime Iíll never be perfect
He recruit me for his duties, I donít see how Iím worth it
The almighty God, but he gave his life for mines
I searched myself time after time, but I donít see what he finds
This is the one who controls earthquakes and thunder,
He keeps me alive instead of putting me to eternal slumber
Heíd rather use me than one of his angels,
Sometimes Iím no where near angelic, this thought has my brain strangled
Thoughts tangled, I search his Word for the reason,
He said he loves me that much, but yet Iíve committed so much treason
He pursued me even though him I wasnít seeking
He puts me in play even though I wasnít training during off season
I had a blood transfusion, Christ blood I am bleeding
Iím like a melthead cuz getting high is all I be needing
The nationís blind, for they serve the king of the bling
no profit to gain the world, lose his soul, I serve the King of kings

We are like fingernails, the dirt thatís on the inside
Appears on the outside, our sins to God we canít hide
Ever since Eve and Adam sinned, my natureís been polluted
My spirit is always willing, but my flesh is diluted
Despite that Iím of filth and my slate is unclean
Once Iím forgiven, He acts as if my sins never been seen
Thatís a wonderful thing, cause I couldnít live without his grace and mercy,
And Iím glad I discovered this while it was early
I donít think Iím the best candidate to do His will
When I was on them streets, forsaking him, I should have been killed
I acted like a player, all I gave God was booty calls,
I spoke to him when I was in needed something and thatís all
I didnít want a relationship, I treated God so cold
And I know that my sins to him was getting too old
Despite of all the dirt I did, he still took me in
And Iíma serve him with my life b/c he cleansed all my sins