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K-Drama - Out of the Box
(from the album Non-Fiction: Beneath the Surface)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1
God gave me agnostics (words) to speak, so that makes me the man of the hour/
That makes me the spokesman to tell you about his power/
His power that dwells in me, that doesnít make me a coward/
That makes me a warrior, plot on me and you will get devoured/
Your envious thoughts, words & deeds are apparently visible/
No weapon formed against me shall prosper, itís not permissible/
I canít be foreshadowed by man, Iím unpredictable/
No man can see my next move, Iím invisible/
Like you was playing me in chess and you couldnít see my pieces/
You couldnít see my mind like you canít physically see Jesus/
Iím making moves, doing big thangs, teamed up with God/
Iím a member of his body, the biggest click, the hardest squad/
We roll deep and even those that ainít no kin to me/
I have the power to shake hands with my enemies/
Most people canít talk to their bosses, well I can talk to mines/
I can call him anytime, my God ainít hard to find/
Iím not bragging, Iím informing the ignorant/
The carnal things that bring power on this earth, itís irrelevant/
To Godís power, anything else, it is counterfeit/
So I must tell you about being a saint and itís benefits/
I can do anything I desire, I can do it through the name/
Jesus, and itíll come to past, whatever I proclaim/
I can walk through fire and my luster wonít change/
I can make twice as much without the block, I donít need to hang/
Iím a chosen one, God saw my aptitude/
So he breaks and supplies, and I feed the multitude/
I can speak life in places that all you see is death/
For I was dead, but God filled me with breath/
Iím the king of the hill and I canít be moved/
I can do anything, long as my God approves/
Iím focused now, so I canít be intimidated/
Iím doing my Fatherís work, I can careless if you hate it/
Careless if you hate me, or if you say that Iím wack/
Because my words inspire millions of folk when I rap/
I spit with caution, peep that I spit with fire/
We tryna have the world hooked up with our source like telephone wires/
I ainít from ATL, but Iím from the home of the brave/
Iíve been given the keys so I can set free the slaves/
For Iím like Hell, my fire canít be quenched/
On fire for God, because Iím trying to clench/
Clench the title, by serving God and reading my Bible/
I donít use a rifle to take out my rivals/
For Iím hoping that the words I speak, the rhymes I teach/
The lessons I preach, will bring sinners to they knees