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Lojique - Adrenaline Rush
(from the album Process of Illumination)
© copyright 2004

Verse One:

If hip hop was a religion, I would be a bishop
This is my recipe for realness, now what you tryin to dish up
Wish up and down that you could grasp my ill concepts
Now sit back and listen to a real emcee catch wreck
I fly like falconry, right off the balcony
This is more than chemistry, yo, this is alchemy
As I pass the veil into the Holy Place and gaze upon the ark
Embark on a mission to spark, light up the dark
Till my heart stops beatin and my lungs stop breathin
And my brain stops receivin the oxygen it be needin
To process thought and translate it into action
Pierce me and I bleed hip hop, 'cause it's my passion
From here to Illadelph, I keep a clean bill of health
You takin in these chemicals, what, you tryin to kill yourself
Or do you just like livin dangerously
You might as well undergo amateur brain surgery


Move it out with adrenaline rush, we bust through
Searchin for Lojique under the topic "What's New"
Captivate the listeners and this is just
The way we activate faith, the wack will vacate


Crooked paths we make straight
Never have to save face
This is adrenaline rush...

Verse Two:

Some perceive to have a beef to settle with us
As if our music incites thugs to grab their metal and bust
But ain't nothin in our knapsacks but fat caps
And notebooks with dope hooks, we ain't like them rap cats that pack gats
They all comin from the same angle, their chains dangle
They stay iced down like sprained ankles
But to me a diamond ain't nothin but my birthstone
And money-green ain't nothin but an earthtone
Meditate in my church home; seek out divine revelation
Strive for rhyme elevation
Fiend for wisdom instead of chemical dependency, or homicidal tendencies
Acknowledge the amazing grace of God that grants me clemency
Yo, we got to school these chumps like academia, what, my deejays play me a cut
To get them out their shell like macadamia nut
Really we do
Transcend human reason when demonstrating our ability to
Take the cold-blooded soul of a vampire
And warm it up like a campfire, turn the amp higher
As I take the volume down, off the bookshelf
Dust if off, get some knowledge and get down with my good self

(repeat Chorus)

Verse Three:

Now what we've got here
Is a prime opportunity
To display skill in strategic placement of the syllable
In serving something stimulating, cerebral and spiritual
Welcoming any and everyone to the eleventh dimension, we take you
Into a new millennium, modeling maximum modes of breakthrough
Going to heights of ascension to venture where most of y'all are afraid to
Turn your attention to mention I got what is finally able to save you

(repeat Chorus to end)