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Lojique - God Is My Witness
(from the album Process of Illumination)
© copyright 2004

Verse One:

As I pick the mic up, strike up the symphony
It's hop hop but we're doing it differently
It's like I had an epiphany, manifestation of the divine
But an awe-inspiring vision is lost upon the blind
As they lead each other off of the path, into the ditch
Mortals sacrifice their poor souls to get rich
Steppin on the next man to get farther
It leaves a bad taste in my mouth so I spit harder
And as the threat of war looms in the forefront more
They want to know what's going on behind your front door
And more and more, I'm feeling out of place in this country like a metric ruler
But I'm still droppin gems like an epileptic jeweler
'Cause the forces that we're dealing with are heavenly
We definitely got the superior weaponry
So push your mitts to the atmosphere, leave your worries right here
If you're sick and tired of living in fear


Throw your hands up, throw your hands up, yeah
Now wave em in the air like you don't have a care
Get up out your chair, pump your fist like this
And I'll make your head nod, God is my witness

Verse Two:

I put in work away from home, tireless, roam like a wireless phone
JAH inscribed the law upon my heart of stone
Watched in amazement as it turned to clay, briars and thorns burned away
As gradually I learned to stay
Upon the narrow path, straight as an arrow shaft
The pillar of cloud before and the army of Pharaoh aft
But put a microphone in my hand, then I can
Extend it toward the Red Sea and cross over on dry land
Strike kings and underlings alike as they cower under lightnings and thunderings
Frightening, they're wondering
Who's gonna be cleaning this mess of it all
Y'all made while pondering the meaninglessness of it all
Now, witness the paradigm shift, as the sands of time shift
I gotta keep focused, can't let my mind drift
Grit my teeth and push the limits 'til I can't play the game any more
We've all been given the same twenty-four
But it's not what you're given, it's what you do with it
The fact that you're livin is what the true gift is
So while I'm here, I'm takin care of business
I'm takin no prisoners, God is my witness

(repeat Chorus)

Verse Three:

Here's a little story I gots to tell
About three bad brothers you know so well
You know I'm paying homage to the classics, bomb kids with my tactics
To free em from their bondage to the wackness
That's artificially stimulating like crystal meth
But no matter how prettily packaged, it's still death
Infanticide is romanticized
I'm reaping the whirlwind, with nothing to stand beside
But I'm firm in my conviction
Though circumstances may determine my position
In space and time, I won't be turnin from my mission
I can't afford to be concerned with indecision
These naysayers are just confirming my suspicion
That it's gonna be alright regardless of the fact that this world is heartless
The harvest is plentiful though the workers are few
But God is my witness, by His strength we'll make it through

(repeat Chorus to end)