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Lojique - After Birth
(from the album Process of Illumination)
© copyright 2004

Verse One:

(Page One)
Can you conceptualize holding something unique and brand new
I cram to
Understand how some emcees can bring a rhyme
Into the world and release it before its time
You wasn't ready for the responsibility
It goes beyond ability to spawn, you feelin me?
Some can't scale the hurdle, they're infertile, so they kidnap
This fam is tight, we'll make you wish you never did that
Don't have to hesitate, I know I can be quick to pull
Let my arrows fly 'cause a blessed man keeps a quiver full
Unpredictable, yet steadfast
I'm running the race not to win but to finish, 'cause the first shall be dead last
And if I'm true to my calling, I mean it's up to me to put
Into you what God put into me, it's destined to be for good
Feed my mind and spirit 'cause I gotta feed yours
'Cause on the straight and narrow path, it ain't no detours


Time to put your nose to the grindstone
Solid in the midst of the cyclone
God said, "Let there be light," so I shone
(scratch: "Out the mouth to the microphone")
Verse Two:

(Stu Dent)
Well, God gave me a word today, it was a gift to share
I understood the meaning but I was skeptical and scared
'Cause I couldn't compare the weight that it held
I was pushing other ideas to serve myself
But this was a calling of love, something I ain't touched
I grew up with this theme, but wasn't talked about much
Saw the pain multiply, I didn't know where to take it
I brought it to church one time but had to fake it
I thought I could do it all by myself
I don't need no fellowship or nobody's help
My mood was gettin ugly, from within it resonated
The world read me like a book but with empty pages
'Cause they saw all the hatred behind the false image
Maybe it wasn't God, and I might not be a Christian
I feel like I'm all alone and none of y'all can hear me
Being born again, I thought it would be easy

(repeat Chorus)

Verse Three:

(Page One)
This is something that was placed inside of me
It's nothing I have to make an effort to try to me
"Abide in Me," instructs my Master, so I have to
Seek the Kingdom and everything will follow after
Seriously reconsider what's important to me
Unfortunately this culture got some orphans to feed
Never given the proper time to develop
Only serve to dot the public eye and make it swell up

(Stu Dent)
I'm looking at life differently and thanking God for change
The sky is always blue, even when it rains
Better days are now, 'cause I ain't dying of AIDS
My moms is still alive and my dad is doing okay
I'm holding down a job with some funds that I've saved
And getting paid every month without one complaint
So again I thank God for change, and a brand-new day
To realize what I have that might be taken away

(repeat Chorus to end)