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Lojique - However You Want It
(from the album Process of Illumination)
© copyright 2004

Verse One:

In the time-honored tradition of spittin
Splittin the competition like nuclear fission
On a mission to assume to position to intercept your transmission
It's the antithesis of that old-time religion
Get in you like an incision, that's my word
Last challenger got mentally massacred, last I heard
He was still in the psych ward
They had to put him on surveillance after he tried to hang himself with the mic cord
"Show him the light, Lord" I pray but to no avail
'Cause they're determined to challenge, thus destined to fail
Throwin me ice grills behind these mic skills
Knowing I will make em like still like Ny-Quil


We bring it rough, smooth, duck, move
Bust through, however you want it
We bring it swift, slow, spit, flow
Kids know, however you want it

Verse Two:

Mama don't let your babies grow up to be emcees
I formulate my rhymes to stand the test of time and they won't stand a chance against these
Similes, metaphors, from the reservoir of my cranium
This style strictly subterranean
In cognito, rhymes phat like Danny DeVito
You got put out of commission by my Solo like Greedo
I'll have your crew singin 'I'll Be Missing You'
Wishing you could wreck it like this every time you listen dude

(repeat Chorus)

Verse Three:

Straight murdering it, so on point
I could've dropped my greatest hits album before my first joint
Cerebral hemmorhage, you don't wanna give me no leverage
I'll turn that swagger to stagger like an alcoholic beverage
I'll rock the mic and rock the boat to make em seasick
And if my tapes cost an arm and a leg I guess you'll be a quadriplegic
I make strategic moves like a chess master
Hope you ain't less faster than the last trespasser
Next chapter: beyond your comprehension
I'll make the hunchback of Notre Dame stand at attention
It's brand new, cream of the crop right off the top
And like Keanu Reeves in that flick Speed, I can't stop

(repeat Chorus to end)