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Lojique - N.O.W.
(from the album Process of Illumination)
© copyright 2004

Verse One:

Eternally existent, present with God in the heavenlies
Placed on earth and given physical form in the seventies
My birthplace, coast of volcanoes and earthquakes
Prudent as a student of the movement since my first taste
Kept on, though tired of being slept on
Hating me now is wasting energy like lights left on
You missed the bus but you're still insisting the driver's late
Useless to make excuses through this, the truth is, there's lives at stake
Oh my mistake, thought you were a man, at least I hope you are
But all I seem to hear you talking about is how dope you are
But ironically, if we break it down methodically
Periodically conquer the armies of hypocrisy
With words of prophecy, my underground magnum opus
Loose lips left lifeless as if bound, gagged and hopeless
You brown-bag and hold this spiritual food
But you can't digest it yet, so I'm forced to conclude
Either you ain't got no rhymes or just can't bust 'em like Lee Dungarees
At 451 degrees, I've just begun to freeze
While you burn up in re-entry, brace for impact
Feel your skin crack, before you can get your wind back
I span the globe, traveling ford and field
Taking up my sword and shield
With sworn allegiance to my Lord, I yield to no one
Meek, but never weak, turn the other cheek, but won't run


We are a nation of warriors (NOW)
Never once wavering (NOW)
Even in the times when it seems that we're nearly overwhelmed
(NOW) is the time, 'cause there's no other way (NOW)

Verse Two:

Meanwhile, the world outside keeps on progressing in time
No destination in mind, direction is ill-defined
Is it a series of stop-motion frames that can be rearranged
Picture the implications if the sequence could be changed
And what was was what could be, what would we
Do with God's abilities
Instead of history, an infinite array of possibilities
I submit that humankind would still be lost and ill at ease
As (if) in a storm, while evil swarms like wasps and killer bees
'Cause as a matter of fact, the fact of the matter is
Human nature is still intact to act as a catalyst
To inherently destructive potential as he scientifically advances
His fallen state specifically demands this
It's like a tree that's rooted before visibly it branches
But what doesn't bear fruit is firewood
New seed into the earth, rebirth, second childhood
Never ending the toil, tending the soil
Life-giving river irrigating the time-tortured, scorched earth
Now partake in the abundance of my Father's orchard
He turned back time while moving forward

(repeat Chorus)