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Lojique - Process of Illumination
(from the album Process of Illumination)
© copyright 2004

Verse One:

I used to lie awake late nights, plagued with disturbing visions
I guess it goes with the territory of urban livin
Moved to South King County back in nine-eight
Now I see residents' fear rise with the crime rate
I guess everywhere you go human nature stays the same
So desperate to erase the pain, you can't measure it
From here to Everett, everybody's lookin out for number one
So they get nothing done
'Til at last they find it's by visions of cash they're blinded
That's why their rhymes are mass-produced and mine are masterminded
You got an axe to grind kid, yo, put that away
'Cause now even to keep it real is cliché
I'd rather you lent me an ear than gave me a hand, chill
For a second, just long enough to stop jumpin and stand still
And listen, I see y'all while I'm wreckin shows, I'm checkin those
Staring at me like I grew a second nose
Like what


Gather 'round, all you
People going through
The process of illumination
Manifesting the culmination of a lifelong quest
For what

Verse Two:

Real hip hop, before cameo appearances
Before copyright issues and sample clearances
Back in the Bronx
I wonder if they could've imagined the movement they launched
Would impact an entire generation
Many of whom had no appreciation for the foundation
Of creativity that it was founded on
That's why at times I'm still frowned upon, looked down upon
Like a food stamp, been around for awhile like a tube amp
Still came through like a true champ
By the grace of God
At times had to taste the rod, still faced the odds
So mathematically improbably that only He could get the credit
Infused me with the power to set it
Like the sun in the west
And when my crew puts it down, we show y'all how it's done in the West
Like what

(repeat Chorus)

Verse Three:

Absolute truth
But these days I wouldn't put nothing past these fruit loops
Who sell a double standard, but when it's your faith that's slandered
What cooked the goose could never be good for the gander
But you migrate
From theory to theory but all you prove is that you can't fly straight
Standing in front of a fountain and still continue to dehydrate
Now all you're getting is irate
Watch yourself son, before you bust a blood vessel
Getting all hot like you're watching ladies mud wrestle
Put that far from you, it ain't hard to do
You got beef, thaw that ice grill and let's barbecue
I got the condiments with my compliments, fire up the coals
And afterwards we'll sit and discuss our common goals
I might not make you see what I see, but if you open your mind
You'll discover what you been hopin to find
Like what

(repeat Chorus)

Verse Four:

A pattern to the sequence, a method to the madness
A rhyme to the reason we're established
Upon the earth, is this life of any worth
Or are we nothing more than dirt, destined for death from birth
How can there be order without organization
And how can there be function without application
And how can there be beauty without inspiration
And how can there be love without communication
You dispute this, only 'cause you hate the Scripture
But archeological finds continue to validate the Scripture
Which clearly states that every knee will bow, son
So you can do it then or you can do it now, son
I pray you do it now so you can ride with us
And then you find, as your eyes adjust
To the light shining and then, ask them questions again
Like why, like who, like where, like when
Like what