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Lojique - Represent Like That
(from the album Process of Illumination)
© copyright 2004

Verse One:

Can you perceive the expertise with which I slice Fisher-Price emcees
Yo, I be catchin wreck while they be catchin Zs
While they be sleepin I be slavin to give you what you're cravin
See, I been mic-wreckin since before I started shavin
I bless mics while surface dwellers curse, I put God first
And disperse the Word through the universe
And it ain't comin back void when He sends it
Cities have been known to be destroyed when He sends it
Many have misrepresented the hardcore
Too many so-called emcees in a culture they've no regard for
No joke, so I got to stand firm like the oak
By the rivers of water, I let my roots soak
So my foundation is sure, my heart pure
So that through any persecution I can endure
See, what I be doin when I wreck microphones
Is like what that kid David did with five smooth stones
I drop giants, I drop science, the Vulcan mind-meld
You want a piece of this, boy, you're funnier than Seinfeld
Light has no fellowship with darkness, I'm solar powered
When it comes to lyrics, I get freaky like Adina Howard
No cowardly surface dweller can touch me now, word to Jesus Christ
I'm lookin for men but all I sees is mice
Flow so cold it freezes ice, but still I'm not content
To be a product of my environment, I represent


I represent, I represent like this
All up in your area code, with various modes
Of attack, in fact never hesitate, yo I'm never hesitant
Let it resonate that I represent
I represent, I represent like that
All up in your area code, with various modes
Of attack, in fact never hesitate, kid I'm never hesitant
Let it resonate that I represent

Verse Two:

Between the hammer and the anvil, time comes to a standstill
I'm leaving lackadaisical lyricists in a landfill
And will, three hundred sixty-five days a year get deep here
And three-sixty-six if it's a leap year
You'll never catch me in my sleepwear, Page One
Will sleep only when my work is done, second coming of Son
See I done been to the top of the mountain
Seventy times seven times, but who's countin
That's on the real, I'm on the wheel, a pottery
You're walking around as if you won the lottery, your juice is watery
You tend to do the type of evil that men do
Put up a facade, claiming God, shaming God, then you
Pretend to be down every chance you get
But when it comes to life and death then it's your pants you wet
I get pissed off, 'cause I been pissed on more than a urinal
But I gotta keep my focus on things eternal
Created in the very image and likeness of God
Put a microphone in my hand and watch it bud like the rod
Of Aaron, fruition in a land which once was barren
Recreated and made beautiful like the Rose of Sharon
Between the devil and the deep blue, I proceed to speak through
Poetic prophetic hip hop and lyrically freak you
Heaven-sent to call a remnant to repent
And this is what I meant when I said I represent

(repeat Chorus to end)