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New Breed - Runaway
(from the album Stop the Music)
© copyright 2002

1:45am wonderin if I'll every see my bed again
Park bench leavin a stench
One eye open sleepin with my fist clenched
Let the five try to get live they'll get drenched
My rain is a down pour
Down for extreme measures bound for
A one night tour of a county cell block
Ain't scared of the devil or nothin that hell got
From now until me and my people pop pills
Shake down mad dog and grill just for thrills
And what's ill is at sunrise I laugh and cry
Can't decided if I either want to live or die
Hate long good-bye's that's why I left after dark
Either made my moms day or broke my moms heart
Ain't tryin to hit charts I'm hittin my next meal
So I surive and stay live and now ya'll realize that.........

I am a runaway. I chose to runaway. I was forced to runaway. Runaway never to come back another day.
I am a runaway. I chose to runaway. I was forced t runaway. Runaway never to come back another day!

For years I mixed fears with cold sweat and tears
Soothed my pain with beer and answered life with "who cares"
I woke up to nightmares
Empty days and hard stares
My heart shares its' room with pay back and crazed dares
Peace moved out after my first thirteen years
Still memory plays back the time life was fair
Vision been hazed
That picture no longer clear
I hear the laughter of a stranger
Warn her of the danger
Go to call out but I get overcome with anger
Mouth fills with spit and swears
Arms swing at empty air
I curse the lives that got me here
My hopes in hoping the end is near
I'm tired of these days
Light only adds to my despair
Paints the picture like life is all beautiful and fair
But where's my sunshine
How many mountains must I climb
I ain't searching for riches
All I want is peace of mind
Running from life and love
But just running out of time


(VERSE 3a)
As I close the door my feet hit the floor
I realize it's the last time I'll see my street never more
I'm gon run run till my body breaks with sweat
And out my pours come the memories that I tried to forget
I'm gon run run till I can't run no more
Move at the speed of life forget what I've been runnin for
I'm gon run run till the land meets the sea
And the reflection in the water shows me what a woman should be

Someone emancipate me I'm stuck in this cage
Volcanoe ready to blow about to erupt from the rage
Supposed to be comming of age but instead in my head
I'm wonderin if I'll see tomorrow or end up on fron page
Whether homicide or suicide yo it takes two to ride
And if you can't take no blame for the pain caused between you and I
I'd rather sleep out in the cold tell my story to the bums
Live life under the rain and live life on the run?