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New Breed - Think
(from the album Stop the Music)
© copyright 2002

So you betta' think before you talk before you breathe before you eva' try to step to the Breed
Before you walk before you move before you ever try to fill these shoes
'Cause ain't no easy way to get over
Drunk high or sober there's more to this mic than you know
More than rockin a show droppin a flow coppin some dough
Hit with a harsh reality heat is stoppin your growth
So think before you sink down deeper
Cleansing the streets of Hip-Hop call me a sound sweeper
True definition of preacher medium through which the heart of the Infinite breaks into language/
Through the anguish pain and the long nights with no sleep
You ain't called you in the wrong city wrong fight with no heat
Catching a beatin and the only thing you defeatin is the purpose
Of the true sound system street workers

You better think before you talk, before you breathe, before you ever try to step to the Breed/
Before you walk before you move before you ever try to fill these shoes

This life is more than just a show
More than just a crowd
More than just the music and the system bumpin loud
More than just a mic
And the lyrics you recite
Tell me where you gonna be found in the middle of the night
And tell me how you sound when you not under the light
You better think, before you walk to where you ain't been called
Cause the pressure and the weight is bound to make you fall
And know the judgment of a teacher is stricter than them all
So don't be quick to rush the stage
You might trip and hit the wall
Ya'll must understand the demand behind the scene
I had to build my altar and that freed me to come clean
I spit the song of the redeemed
Never schemed or plotted
Talent got me spotted
Matter fact I had to fight it
Cause the lessons that I spill
I had to live before I taught it
You better think
Want the microphone?
Check more than the sound
Don't lay claim to his name
You only tearing us down
You better think

(VERSE 3a)
It's like a fire shut up- in my bones I can't let up
I've been set up
And every heart beat that pounds inside my chest confirms what I've always known
That I was born to rip mics when I step inside the zone
But I didn't choose it I wonder if I could would I lose it
Maybe I'd avoid the scratches and the bruises that come from makin music
And the truth is I just can't ignore
That I'm a bond servant of the Lord
This ain't no scuffle it's a war
Every word every action every step and moves a manifestation of my passion
Every stage every crowd every system bumpin loud
Every pound I receive makes me think

(Verse 3b)
I can't walk away
My song's embedded inside
I paid for it with heartache in every tear that I cried
That's why it drives me crazy when I see you playin games
Heads unfocused going for ghetto fame
Never learned to tame their tongue
Control their action
With their words they're loving God but in their hearts their far from
Lost in the rhythm - lost from the beginning
Shouted stop the but heads started trippin
Flippin the spot back to the Breed trying to read between the lines
Search what you want but integrity is what you'll find
You better.