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New Breed - Outro- Can You Feel It Too?
(from the album Stop the Music)
© copyright 2002

I'll be a poet in my own right
Never through my own might
Painting lyrical murals but never through my own sight
You don't get it neither do I when I write I cry
Tears touch paper instantly I feel safer
That's one less thought caught in my mind with no escape and
One thought free so I can really see me for who I am and what I plan to be
What I plan to see I give respect demand respect I know that y'all feel me
Because you are me and I am you and we can do what we plan
Told my sister stay consistent and rock every mic I hand you cause
Who knows the struggle of the one that be beside you
Whether he be your brother of that lover that you lied to and cried to
Told him of the innocence you died to
Though you be oblivious to him or her they cry too
I strive to keep my heart revealed thoughts concealed
Lead to the type of emcee that can't nobody feel then nobody's real
That's why I feel for y'all
We make the music that still for y'all